Saturday, March 1, 2014

Hanging Out in Sunny Yuma

We left Lake Havasu and headed to Yuma.  We made a reservation for one month because it is cheaper but we are not sure exactly how long we will be here.  We are planning on meeting up with friends, getting a couple of RV issues taken care of and heading to Mexico to have our teeth cleaned.  When we get all that done we will be going to Desert Hot Springs, CA. 
The drive was very interesting.  Near Havasu we traveled through some very rugged looking mountains.
Below the Parker Dam there is a stretch of highway right along the Colorado River.
South of Parker the land gets very flat and, except for one small pass and is like that all the way to Yuma.  This is the scene at Quartzsite.  A month ago when we were here this area was filled with vendors and RVs.  There were still many rigs in the desert, but not nearly as many as just a month ago.   
The first day in Yuma we got together with Class of 07 mate, Marty.  We have crossed paths many times over the years and always enjoy getting caught up with his travel adventures.
The next day our friends Allan and Sharon parked their rig next to us for a few days.  We met them in Rockport, TX our second year on the road and now see them every time we stay in Mesa where they purchased a home.  Nanc had a great meal prepared for the weary travelers.
Allan and Sharon wanted to go to Los Algodones so the four of us spent the day in this little Mexican town that is here to serve all the snowbirds who winter in the Yuma area.  Algodones is just several blocks of dentists, pharmacies, liquor stores and street vendors selling a huge variety of "stuff".
We felt the town was cleaner and in better shape than on our first visit several years ago.  While the vendors are all pushing their wares they seemed to be less aggressive and friendlier than before.  Maybe it is the better economy.
No trip to Algodones is complete without a stop at Paraiso's for a bit of Mexican food and drinks.  We found the same dentist we used the last time and plan to return to have our teeth cleaned.
Another day we went to the Imperial Date farm in Bard, CA.  Allan and I had date shakes and we bought some Medjool dates.  A real treat.
Yuma Crossing, where the railroad and the original highway cross the Colorado River.  Even though this was a major route both bridges only handle traffic in one direction at a time.
This old mission overlooks the crossing.  We had a fun first week in Yuma and are looking forward to getting together with other friends and taking care of a few chores.  The weather has been very sunny and quite pleasant here so all is good.

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