Tuesday, February 4, 2014

SARA'S Crack and the Desert Bar

We continue to enjoy our time in Lake Havasu City.  The weather has gotten a bit cooler, but is still well within our goal of avoiding s**w and other types of winter happenings.  This past week we took a neat hike at nearby SARA Park, drove to the Desert Bar and stopped at the casino were Nanc did very well:)
The RV park is right across the road from the Mohave County Sheriff's Office.  We sure feel really safe because, as you can see, even this "bad" cactus has surrendered to the authorities.
We drove across Parker Dam (in the car, no RVs allowed) into California.  The dam was built in 1938 and created Lake Havasu.  The dam is an engineering wonder at 320 feet high, but 235 feet of that height is below the riverbed, making it the deepest dam in the world.
At SARA Park we took the Crack in the Wall Trail and, as you can see, it is quite narrow where it passes through the mountain.
It sure gives you a good look at what happens when the desert gets those heavy monsoon rains.  The power of water even in this arid land.
Find the lizard.
Just below the crack you come to the lake shore.
The different colors of the rocks are fascinating.
This couple of old coots were looking for a handout from the couple of old coots having lunch on the shore.
Balance Rock overlooking the spot where we had lunch.  There were several boats out on the water.
More of the colorful desert landscape.
There have been some great desert sunsets.
On Saturday we drove to the Desert Bar near Parker.  I say near as it is five dusty miles off the paved highway.  It is only open on Saturday and Sunday from noon to six during the winter.
The bar is off the grid with all power coming from solar and a generator.  The faux church facade has become the symbol of the bar.
They had a great band.  That is me waving in the middle of the picture.
Business must be good because the place continues to get bigger every time we come back.  The Desert Bar is a neat stop for a great afternoon of fun and music.

While this winter is still not over we have already made plans for the next one.  We are going to go to Florida and we needed to make reservations if we wanted to be at a couple of our favorite places.  We are going to Betty's RV Park for six weeks around Thanksgiving, then to South Florida to spend Christmas with our friend Mary Lou.  We will then spend January at the Elks in the Keys.  While we usually go places without reservations, there are times when we know we will need them to get into a particular place.


Ray/Wendy said...

Great pics- looks like a neat area.We may get that way next month.

Doing It On the Road(Part II) said...

Wow, just when you think you have seen everything at Havasau, now we have to go back. Good post