Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Friends and the Picnic Table Trail

While we continue to enjoy our time in Lake Havasu, we will be leaving here this weekend and heading to Yuma for several days.  Other than having a bit too much wind, the weather has been getting better and better.  The ten day forecast calls for highs in the 80's and good sleeping temperatures at night.  When we see how bad it has been in other parts of the country we are very happy to be here with a bit of wind.
When we hiked in SARA Park last week we could see people at the top of the hill above.  When we inquired about the trail we learned that a group had placed a picnic table up there and it had the best dining view in the area.
At the bottom of the trail is a geoglyph in the shape of a giant lizard.  We often find rock art in the desert, but at 80 feet long this one is by far the largest we have encountered. 
This trail had a couple of more difficult sections.  Here is Nanc climbing up a ledge.  I'm glad there was another way down as, for me, it is always easier going up than coming down.
She made it.  We had our lunch and enjoyed the view undisturbed by anyone.
A panoramic look at Lake Havasu City from the picnic table.  The city stretches from the lake shore to the edge of mountains.  
The lake and island.  It still amazes me to see all this water in this arid, arid land.
Find the lizard.
The trail to the picnic table is only about 1 1/2 miles long, but it climbs over 500 feet.  The switch back trail on the opposite side is a much easier climb (no ledges).  If you want a great view of this area the Picnic Table Trail is a must do.
Neat hummingbird we saw on the way down.  We are hoping to see the spring bird migration before we leave the Southwest.
Since Nanc had hit it big at the casino in Parker, we had some "mad money" burning a hole in our pocket.  We decided we would drive to Laughlin, Nevada where there are several big casinos in a stretch along the Colorado River.  We hit two of them and while I did not do as well as Nanc on the last visit, I did come out ahead, so I considered it a successful trip.
Making and meeting friends is one of the best things about our fulltiming lifestyle, so when we heard from Boomer friends Luke and Judy who are staying nearby, we got together with them at a nearby restaurant and had a fun evening getting caught up on their travels.  Luke and Judy introduced us to our ballooning friends Mike and T Liberti and you know what a wonderful experience that has continued to be, We can't thank them enough for the introduction and we hope to see Luke and Judy down the road sometime soon.


Chuck and Jan Moore said...

You did the Picnic Table Hike! Fun reading about your adventure. That's one of our favorite hikes. J&C

Ray/Wendy said...

Neat looking hike n nice pics. thx for sharing.

Doing It On the Road(Part II) said...

Great post! Love the "wheres the lizard" image.

Bobbie and Jim said...

Another wonderful blog post with amazing photos. Really admire your ability to make up that panoramic photo...well done.