Thursday, January 30, 2014

Anniversary Party

When we left Mesa two weeks ago we knew we would be returning shortly for a surprise 40th anniversary party for our ballooning friends, Mike and T.  Their kids planned a great party and we were happy to be part of the celebration.
The cake.  They are so young to be married 40 years.
Their son, Daniel, had taken them to lunch and everyone hid on the stairs waiting for them to arrive.
Their son and daughter, Chris and Michelle who live in Denver, were waiting on the steps when the couple walked through the door. 
Mike and T were truly surprised that all their kids, grand kids and several ballooning friends were there for the party.
Luke, Nanc, Angela and her husband top.
Michelle, Brenda, Sandy and ??? bottom.
Sorry I did not get a picture of Judy.  It was she and Luke who introduced us to Mike and T at the balloon fiesta in 2011.
More friends and family.  Center is Paul whom we crewed for when he did his first solo flight.  He has since gotten his license.
T and Mike with their children Chris, Michelle and Daniel.
Mike and T with their kids, spouses and grand kids.  It was great being there to help them celebrate.  We sure do look forward to more adventures with the ballooning Libertis in the future.
We did not take the rig to Mesa for the party.  We used our travel points and stayed in a motel.  We took advantage of the whirlpool and even got massages as we were both dealing with neck pain.  It was wonderful!! 
We drove a two lane road rather than the Interstate for most of the trip.  We even went through and beyond Hope, where it appears the grammar is what is beyond hope.  I stole this picture from Sharon Del Rosario's blog.
The land along this route was some of the driest and most barren we have traveled.  Almost as bad a west Texas but not quite as far:-)

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Sharon Del Rosario said...

I saw your picture of "Your Beyond Hope" and told Don - they got the same picture I did! Then I read what you wrote below -- LOL! It *was* the same picture!!!

Great to see what a wonderful surprise party the Libertis had for their anniversary. They (and you) are super ballooning friends!