Friday, November 29, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving and Birthdays

We have just been hanging out and enjoying friends while taking care of a few RV chores.  Since returning from Mexico we have not done any real exploring around the area.  I have not even done a very good job of taking pictures.  We have seen Dave and Sarah a couple more times and had lunch with Alan and Sharon and I did not take any pictures.  This is why there have been so few blog entries this month.  I think December will be a bit busier.
We met snowbirds Dick and Lynn when we were here two years ago and were happy to see them again.
Sun Life had a Welcome Back party and a few people got into the party by monkeying around.
Nanc and I even hit the dance floor for a couple of tunes.
Some people went all out for the party.
One of those great desert sunsets.  Although we have had several great sunsets while we have been here I don't think they compare with the ones we saw while staying in the Keys such as the header picture on the blog.
A neat hummer that has been visiting out feeder.
We both celebrated birthdays this week.  Here I am at happy hour toasting another great year. 
We were invited to Sharon and Alan's for a wonderful Thanksgiving feast.  We had all the traditional foods including plenty of leftovers.  We followed up the meal with a bit of football.  Unfortunately the Steelers lost.   
This is the first time in two years that we have seen Murray (front) and Elsie who had just arrived at the end of our last visit.  They are great dogs. 
Nanc celebrated her birthday on Thanksgiving by getting the wishbone.  Can't wait until it dries out so we can see which of us will get our wish.
One small RV chore completed.  I have been looking for a Canada map to show the provinces we have visited and thanks to Gary I finally found one.  This sure shows what we have to be thankful for in our lives. We have been to 49 states, ten provinces and four foreign countries in our seven years of retirement  We are also thankful for all our friends and family who we have had the chance to spend time with during our time on the road and look forward to seeing them during our future travels.  We truly hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving and are all looking forward to the coming holiday season.

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