Sunday, September 22, 2013

Cadillacs & Big Steaks

We moved on to Amarillo, TX while checking out a bit more of Route 66.  I can honestly say I hate driving across Texas.  We have done it several times and the almost 900 mile crossing on I-10 is terrible.  Well, I think I found the solution. If you go via the panhandle you can cross the state in 3 1/2 hours not 3 1/2 days, much better.  We did stop in in the middle to check a couple of things off our bucket list. 
The Cadillac Ranch is an interesting bit of art that was installed in 1974 and then moved to its current location in 1997 to get it further from town.  It is on private land in a farmer's field.  The same person owns the land at both places. 
When you walk through this painted gate to get to the cars you know you are in for a unique experience.  The tradition to spray paint the cars has extended to the gate. 
If you don't bring your own paint, no problem.  A couple of people who were leaving passed their cans on to us and there were also cans lying around that you could use.  Here is Nanc with the mark she left for the public to view.  WOW, she never thought she would ever be someone who painted graffiti on anything!!! 
From time to time they cover all the old graffiti to give the taggers a fresh palette.  They have also been repainted for TV commercials and once they were painted pink for property owner Stanley Marsh's wife's birthday. 
No area of the cars have been left untouched.
If you have ever wanted to spray paint something this is the place to do it without getting into trouble.  A word of warning, make sure you are standing up wind or you may become part of the art.
If you are driving I-40 or Route 66 make sure you stop and see the Cadillac Ranch.
The Cadillac theme even extends to the nearby RV park, though we did not stay there.
A big old steam locomotive that used to travel through Amarillo.  All RVers have close relationships with railroads because so many RV parks seem to be along the tracks. 
Another must see in Amarillo is the Big Texan.  Even the motel has the Old West theme.
This is the restaurant that has been made famous for its "free" 72 ounce steak.  It is only free if you eat the whole thing, including all the sides, in one hour.  We were hoping we would get the opportunity to watch someone try, but there were no takers while we were there.
And here it is, top left.  It looks more like a roast than a steak.  It comes with salad, shrimp, and baked potato.  You are allowed to cut up the steak and take one taste before the clock starts.  If you fail to finish everything within one hour it will cost you $72.00.  This is my meal, which was the 25% version, with an 18 ounce steak and all the other fixins.  Bottom left is all I could eat of the little one so I'm glad I didn't go for the "big cut".
You can see what happens to non meat eaters here.  Nanc can't even fill the chair.  I did enjoy my meal, and had a good steak salad at home a couple of days later.  If you are traveling through this area the Big Texan is a pretty neat stop.


Sharon Del Rosario said...

We've been thru there but never tried the big steak. Would love to see someone attempt it - can't believe anyone could do that! Too bad that Amarillo's only a one-night stop for most of us.

Doing It On the Road(Part II) said...

Ah but if you skip 1-10 you miss the joy of people driving past you at 80+ mph. Good post!

Ray/Wendy said...

Well maybe if the cooked it up cajun and added crawdads.) Have to see the caddie ranch.