Saturday, July 20, 2013

"Project TV"

Most of my former students and old friends knew we did not have a TV in our stix and brix.  There was even an article in the local paper years ago about this strange fact.  So one of the biggest changes that came into our lives when we bought an RV was, for the first time, we owned not just one but two TVs.  For the first three plus years on the road we relied on RV park cable or over the air TV.  In 2010 we made a big leap and signed up for Dish Network since I figured that being retired we actually now had time to watch some of the mindless stuff that is on the tube.  I have come to enjoy the access to "the news" and getting to watch Pittsburgh sports.     
Our years of travelling America's highways resulted in the plastic case that holds the bedroom TV in place to crack (top right corner).  I was afraid the external problems could cause electrical problems on the inside so I decided to replace it with a new flat screen TV.  So for the first time in our married lives we went shopping for a TV.  Very confusing.
The first challenge was removing the old TV. Because of the crack in the plastic case, when we lifted the front the back did not move.  I ended up splitting the case in two and holding the picture tube while Nanc cut all the wires.  I was then able to get the remainder of the case out.  No pictures of that as all hands were required, but here is what is left of the old TV. 
We opted for a 24" Vizio that has a screen that is just a bit bigger than the old one.  We were left with a huge hole that we realized we could use for additional storage space if we mounted the TV on a door.
With the help of our friend Tom, who has all the right tools, I cut a finished piece of plywood and the old trim boards to face the new door.
Here I am holding the finished door in place.  It was then stained and sealed.  I attached it with a piano hinge.
We purchased a Mor/ryde stationary mounting bracket and drilled holes for the power cord and cable.
The door is hinged on the right so we can turn it to watch from bed if needed.
We now have a new space that we discovered will be ideal for our printer so we don't have to get it out of storage every time we use it.
The finished project.  Nanc was very happy with the way it looked which means I was also very happy.  I still have not decided if I am going to tackle the other TV on this stay, but when I do it will be here in WashPA where I can use Tom as an expert resource.  So, what do you think?  It looks pretty good huh?


Richard said...

Excellent Job, who'd a thought those talents were lurking beneath the surface. Go do the other one right now!

Richard & Valerie

Scooter said...

Great work!

Hard to believe that there are still CRT TVs out there. You probably dropped a hundred pounds off your rig by removing that old dinosaur - maybe even get better gas mileage now!

The Roving Pollocks said...

Great job. We had someone else do it and it doesn't look any better.a Love the extra storage.

Chuck and Jan Moore said...

Good job on the TV upgrade. The extra storage is a great bonus. Life is just one smile after another.
Chuck and Jan Moore

Ray/Wendy said...

Nice tv, and a good way to lose some weight, those old tv's were heavy.

Bobbie and Jim said...

Good job, Jim. Sure gave you a lot of extra storage space.