Monday, July 29, 2013

More WashPA Friends, Food and Music

The fun times in WashPA continue with another week of friends, food and music.  While traveling is what we do, being back in our old home territory is always great.  Some people we only see once while others we cross paths with many times.  Regardless it is always fun.
Ron and Becky had a great house party for the Wednesday Out to Lunch Bunch. Top left is Patrice, John, Sandy, Nanc, Chris and Ken. Right is Linda, Peg and Barb.  Bottom left is Jackie and Phil and right is Trish and Sandy.  Look at all that wonderful food.
Top left is Bernie, Georgie, Tom and Jim.  Right is Kathy, Ed and Carol.  Bottom is Lena, Kim and our host Ron.  Someone failed to get a picture of our hostess, Becky, sorry.  It was a great time. 
Another great locally owned  Pittsburgh restaurant Someone Else's.  If you want a great burger (or one of many other great dishes) and a unique atmosphere, you need to check out this place in Castle Shannon.  In addition to the great menu, the candy on the bar and tables is real neat.
A couple more evenings of music.  At Al & Rubens we heard Antoinette and another singer (missed the name) who did some great jazz numbers.  At the Kopper Kettle we heard Dan, Tom and Greg do some wonderful blues.  We usually hear Dan play jazz and it was great hearing him play the blues.  Here is a short video of some of his work. 
We were joined that evening by Ray, Sandy, Tom and Georgie.  Another fun time with friends.
One of the things we miss the most about not being in WashPA is getting together with the Euchre group.  We used to get together every four to six weeks for an evening of food, cards and conversation.  Left are Mary Lou, Sherri, Diane and Tom. Right are Mike, Nanc, Tim and Georgie.  The time with friends was great even though the cards did not come our way this time.
The Out to Lunch Bunch went to a new place, Yo Rocco's, in nearby Belle Vernon.  Here we are with the owner Keith, a former student that four of us taught in school.  He has only been open for a month and we all agreed the food was great.  If you are in the area, check out Yo Rocco's and tell Keith Mr. Tidball (Jim) sent you. 

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