Wednesday, July 17, 2013

More Friends and Food

The good times with friends and family continue while we take care of our personal business and work on a couple of projects. 
We had a surprise visit from Richard and Valerie Frayer, RVers we met at our first Escapade in 2007.  We have crossed paths many times from PA to CA and in between.  We had a great couple of days getting caught up.  We even had a chance to get some WashPA and RV friends together.  Here are Tom, Georgie, Val, Richard, Nanc and Jim at Al & Rubens where we had a great meal and enjoyed an evening of music. 
One of our favorite things about our WashPA visits is having John's wood fired oven pizza.  The man is a master and these parties always bring a big crowd of the Wednesday lunch bunch.  We took Cajun Bloody Marys that were very popular.  Here are a few pics of what retirees enjoy all the time and working teacher love about the summer.
Georgie, Phil, Kim Bill, Linda and Gail.
Sandy and me. 
Kathy, Carol, Bobbie Jo and Ron.
Georgie, Kim, Anne Marie, Tom, Sandy and Patty.
Patrice, Linda and Charlie
BJ, Emily, Lisa and Becky.
Pat and Joy seated by Chef John.
BJ, Ron and me.
Georgie, Becky and Sandy
Linda, John and Lisa
Charlie and I compare our retirement dos. 
John's pizza parties are always a fun fun time with good food and good friends.
On Friday we got together with my brother Rick to meet Pedro, a Guatemalan student he and Denise are helping out.  We had a great time learning about Pedro's experience as an exchange student in the US.
On Sunday we went to a craft fair in Pittsburgh where our friends Karen and Donna were selling their jewelry.  As you can tell by what they are wearing, they make some very interesting jewelry.  This has been their retirement job.  

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