Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Food, Friends and Fireworks

When we were working and living in a stix and brix Nanc was famous among our friends for what she made the best and that was reservations.  She was a founding member of the LEO (Let's Eat Out) Club. Our restaurants of choice were all locally owned and we became friends with many of the owners and employees.  We ate out so often that we were afraid that some of our local favorites would close once we went on the road.  While we do cook and eat in more often since we went on the road, when we are in WashPA we always have to go to our old favorites to see how our friends are doing and to contribute to the local economy.     
Of course dining out is also a excuse to get together with old friends.  Here we are with Mike & Sherri (left), Diane with Nanc and Tim with Jim.  It is so great getting to see so many friends.
We were at a the Speers Street Grill in Speers that is near the RV park.  Great casual dining. 
The teachers out to lunch bunch went to a local bar, the Kopper Kettle, just outside WashPA for lunch.  Left are Kim, Bill, Tom and Georgie.  Center are Gail, Linda, John, Becky and Ron.  Right are Nanc, Chuck, Dave, Jackie and Anne Marie.  We like local places were we can have a good meal and not be rushed since we are all either retired or teachers on the summer break. 
While we have been eating out a lot Nanc did cook a great homemade meal for Independence Day.  I have always known she was a wonderful cook when she has the time and that has been a real bonus of retirement.  This meal was a spinach feta sauce over some Rossi Pasta. MMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It was the 4th so we celebrated with a tasting of four whiskeys we bought on our travels this spring.  We had tried each individually but had not done a side by side comparison.  We concluded that they were all wonderful and will be sipped slowly over the next couple of years. 
This was the first time we have been in PA for the fourth since we hit the road.  Pine Cove Resort put on a great display of fireworks between the rain drops.  Here is a short video.
We went to another favorite local restaurant, the Union Grill, with Mike and Judy.  They are birders and love to travel so it was great getting caught up on their past adventures and future plans.  The Grill is a great local place that has been in WashPA for years.  It has a great staff, food and owner, Mickey.  Their slogan is "Where Friends Meet" and that sure is true of their Cheers like bar.  It is a place where we will always see many old local friends and acquaintances. 
Another day, another friend and back to the Grill.  I taught with Linda years ago before she moved to Mesa, AZ.  We have seen her every time we winter there and it was great seeing her here in WashPA.


Bobbie and Jim said...

Enjoyable post.

Doing It On the Road(Part II) said...

Nice post, but I am wondering how you two will survive Alaska and Canada with no phone and a lack of places to eat out?

Chuck and Jan Moore said...

It looks like you're having a wonderful time in your old neighborhood! Isn't it wonderful to have time with family and friends? We're enjoying following your adventures. P.S. There's tons of places to eat out in B.C., Yukon and Alaska. Internet is sketchy in B.C. and parts of Alaska but for the most part we have been 'plugged in'. Hugs, J&C