Monday, June 17, 2013

Marietta with Family

We moved on to Marietta, Ohio, a neat little town at the confluence of the Ohio and Muskingum Rivers.  We have been here before and did some exploring on earlier visits.  This time we were here to spend some time with Nanc's sister Judy, her niece Betsy and their family. We also picked up a few things we had stored with Judy and Bill when we went on the road six years ago. 
Here are Lou, Betsy, Emma, Jackie, Judy and Morgan.  We had a great time getting caught up with what had been going on in all their lives during the last year.  Morgan just finished her first year at Ohio U.
Emma with her pet lizard Lizzy.  She loves anything to do with nature.
We had a surprise when our nephew Scott came down with his wife Bobbie Jo and daughter Jayna.  We were planning on seeing them later this summer at a family reunion.  It was great to get to spend some time together.
A family softball game broke out.  Jackie taking a few swings.
Jayna was up to bat next.
Emma gets a hit.  It sure is nice seeing kids playing outdoors and not just playing video games.
Judy and Bill.  Now that we are retired and they are snowbirds we do get to see them more often when we spend time in Florida.  Another advantage of our fulltime lifestyle.
Wow, we have not seen this wedding dress for over 43 years.  We stored it with Judy and the girls wanted to see it.  It went back in the box, but it sure would be neat if one of them decided to wear it for their wedding someday.  We also picked up a few boxes of pottery as Nanc has decided, that since we have no plans to stop fulltiming any time soon, we are going to use it in the RV.  Our goal when we get back in WashPA is to get rid of a lot of stuff we have been carrying around and not using.
One thing we always do in Marietta is stop at Rossi Pasta for some of their wonderful homemade pasta.  The have every flavor and type you can imagine.  If you love food and visit Marietta, Rossi's is a must do.
We had a great few days visiting and sharing family stories.  We are now in WashPA for a couple of months for doctor and dentist appointments and visits with friends and family.

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