Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Oh Yes, More Friends, Food and Music

The turnover continues here at Betty's with old friends departing and many new ones arriving daily.  There is never a dull moment here in the Heart of Cajun Country.
We were sad to see Buz and Sandra leave after a two week stay.  They only had a few people to send them on their way because there were fewer here.  We hope to see them in Pittsburgh this summer.
The few who were here pitched in to help Betty clean and repaint a lot of the stuff, "folk art", on the patio.
Our reward was a spiffy, shiny patio and a wonderful dinner prepared by Betty for all the workers.  Not only does this lady run a great park she is a wonderful cook. 
By Thursday many new folks had arrived and we all enjoyed a big mudbug dinner.  Front are Nanc and Barb.  The next couple is Kaz and Jackie whom we met on a walk in DC and parked beside at the Balloon Fiesta.  Another small world moment.
All these people are waiting for the crawfish to arrive.  Left are Sharon and Don.  Right are Marvin, Betty, Jim, Paul, Peggy and Donnalyn.
From past experience we knew the arrival of this group from Quebec would mean a fun, fun time.  Of course I had to help fuel the fun with a bottle of Midnight Moon.  Top is Claudette who just loved the stuff.  Left are Lionel, Betty, Alain, Raymond and Evon.  Right are Florence, Claudette, Marie Franz and Pauline.  They all loved it.  I do apologize for any misspelled names, my French is not very good:)
A toast to the good times!!!!
On Friday we did lunch with our friends from Abbeville.  Ollie, me, Nanc, Wade and Elda all had a great meal a Dupuy's and enjoyed having time together to chat.
On the last night of their stay the Quebecois cooked hot dogs for everyone in the park.  The cooks, Raymond and Evon, had a fun time feeding us all.
They even provided new hats (with hair for those who needed it) for us.  Here are Marvin, Gerald, me, Mario and Evon enjoying a cold one in our new chapeaus.
The evening included a performance by Judy Bailey, playing here with Gerald, Dave and Paul.  They had the place rockin.
We were disappointed when we heard that Quebecois, Mado, whom we met here before, had to return to Canada due to illness and would not be able to be here.  Oh modern technology, Florence called her and we all got some face time to wish her well.  Dave even sang her a song.
We moved the tables and turned the patio into a dance floor.  Look at all those Betty's RV Park hoodies.  More people caught in Betty's web.
A few more dancers, Kaz & Jackie, Sharon & Don, Pauline & I and Raymond & Claudette all cuttin a rug.
There were a few wallflowers, but they all did some foot tappin.  Top are Don & Sharon and Dewayne & Janet.  Bottom are Priscilla & Dave and Marvin & Peggy.
All six rigs of Quebecois headed out on Saturday morning.  We had a great time with these fun loving people.  They were heading to New Orleans.  I'm sure the city will never be the same after their visit.
On Saturday afternoon the few of us who were left at Betty's headed to the Museum Cafe for another afternoon of great Cajun Music.  The cafe has a new Facebook page so you can follow upcoming events.  Make sure you check it out to see who is on the header picture.
The dancing continued on Saturday with Nanc & Daly, Olie & a friend, Kaz & Jackie and Daly & Barb.
Sunday was a quiet day, but on Monday Betty, Nanc and I did a road trip to Pierre Part to visit Adam the Wood Man and we also got to meet Troy Landry of Swamp People.  Blog for next week.  There are nine new rigs coming in this week including our friends Mark & Renita and Tony & MaryBeth so we are looking forward to more fun times with new funseekers.


Bobbie and Jim said...

Great, great post, Jim. Love, love, love all the photos. I "liked" the Museum Cafe too.

ladynomad said...

Love Betty's RV Park. Will be heading that way for the Crawfish Festival in Beau Bridge. Not sure if we will make it to Betty's this time or not.