Saturday, April 27, 2013

Good- Bye Betty and Friends

Our time at Betty's has drawn to a close with one more week of food, friends and music.  Our departure was delayed a few hours because of storm and tornado warnings.  This gave us a chance to have some of those wonderful Abbeville oysters when we went out to lunch with Betty and Marvin. I forgot the camera.  We love our stays at Betty's because she is a great hostess who has become a great friend.  We also love it here because of all the people we have met here who have become friends.  Over 150 RVers have passed through during our two month stay.  Some are old friends we have met on the road and others are the Betty's regulars whom we look forward to seeing on each visit, while others are new friends whom we are already planning on seeing down the road.  We have many RV friends, but by far most of them are people we have met here because of the great happy hours and other activities Betty puts together.  Music is another reason we love it here.  There are the weekly jam sessions at Touchet's and the Museum Cafe, jam session and visits from Dave and Judy Bailey at Betty's and the music on the square events.  And of course there is the food; gumbo, oysters, crawfish, alligator, and many other Cajun favorites and Betty's famous potlucks.  All of this will be greatly missed.
On Saturday we did one last jam session at the Museum Cafe.  The jammers have become good friends who we will miss until our next visit.  Here are Gerald on bass,  Kristi on the squeeze box and Joe on the guitar.  We are already looking forward to seeing them all again.
This week at the Museum Cafe another Living Legend was inducted.  Inductee, Clercy Prejean, was honored for the contribution of music.  Even though he did not have his accordion with him he could still belt out a tune at 90.  These Cajun people know how to live.
I told you they know how to live.  Nanc is having a great time dancing with Daly. 
One last potluck.  Maybe it is just me, but I think the standard for food is higher here than at many other parks we visit.  I'm sure it is Betty's influence, as she is not only a great hostess, but also a wonderful cook who raises the bar.
A last happy hour.  Dickie, Doris and Vic enjoying the swing.
Nanc, Gisela, Bill and first-timer Frank.
Marvin holding court with Jim and Donnalyn.
In the foreground are Pam, Jean and Quebecois Silve.  It is great meeting so many foreign travelers here.
Betty's aunt Irene in conversation (French) with Andre, another Quebecois, while Birdie sits there wondering what they are saying:)  I usually know a bit more French by the time we leave here.
That said I am not very good with names and I did not write down these two ladies' names.  They were friends of Raymond and Claudette who were here earlier and told them this was a must do.
The "crowd" to see us off was real small.  I think it was small because there were so few people here, not because of people not liking me.  Here are Donnalyn, Jim, Tony, Betty and Nanc.
One last hug from Betty.  While we aren't planning to return for a while, we did make a reservation for late 2014.  That said, the good news is we hope to see Betty in PA this summer when she is on vacation.  We will get to show her a bit of PA hospitality.


ladynomad said...

We just missed you. Came in just in time for Cajun Woodstock and will be staying a week. Then we move over to Beaux Bridge for the Crawfish Festival. Love Betty's!

Ray/Wendy said...

Wendy and I still think of the time there as the best. And we only had a two week sample.
Safe travels, see ya down the road.