Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Easter, Anniversary, Birthdays, Going Away Parties and Music

Once again I must say it, the good times continue to roll here at Betty's.  In addition to all these special things I write about, there is the regular daily happy hour(s) where we all gather to share stories and plan future events.
We had a first here at Betty's when Canadians Betty and Bob stopped by for a couple of days.  When we learned that Bob played the bagpipes we all encouraged him to do a tune for us.  Bob learned to play several years ago for his daughters wedding.  He played this small traveling pipe, a new happening here in Cajun country.
A happy hour jam.  Paul, Dan, Ray, Dave, Peggy and Wayne all joined together for an evening of entertainment.  The music ran from old standards, (music of my youth), to country, to blues and a bit of Cajun.
This really says it all.
Another friend says good-bye.  Sarah and Dave (second and third from the right) headed out after a to short stay.  As so often with friends we make here, we are planning on seeing them out West next fall.
If it is Saturday it is a Cajun jam.  This week at Touchet's three people from Betty's checked this off there bucket list.  Bottom Barb and Dan learn from Joe (center) how to belt out a Cajun song.  Who knew they spoke French?  Top Barb and Celine play the washboard and California Cajun Dan played the guitar on stage with the regular jammers.  Top right Dan plays with Dave, accordionist Brent and the rest of the band.  Such talent!!!
March 31 is Betty's birthday and each year we have a celebration.  This year the celebration was for the BIG 70.  Really just any excuse to have a party.  They once had a birthday party for me and I was not even here.
Sunday was also Easter so Buz and Sandra colored eggs for everyone.
And WOW what a meal we had.  The variety was great and it was all good.
She even got a crown for her birthday.  Betty is a very special person and we are so happy we were here to help her celebrate.
The crowd gathers.  Unfortunately, it rained and most of the festivities had to be moved indoors.
Not to worry a grand time was still had by all.
Watching the celebrants opening their cards and gifts.
March is a big month. Jim, Betty, Sandra and Buz (seated) all had birthdays and Peggy and Paul were having their 28th anniversary.
Betty showing off her cute little hooters.
We all pitched in and bought Betty a new flag for the park.  There was even enough left to buy a "couple" boxes of Betty's favorite wine. 
And the die-hards partied well into the night when Buz brought out a bottle of Fireball.
Seven sad couples who all left on Monday.  The top four Gary & Anita, Cookie & Jim, Jean Paul & Celine and Merlene & Dan are all regulars who are truly caught in Betty's web.  They are also good friends whom we have crossed paths with on the road after meeting them here.  On the bottom are Elizabeth & Jack, Phala & Bryan and Ralph & Lynn who were all here for the first time and have vowed to return. 
Top is the park before the seven rigs pulled out.  Bottom are all the empty spaces.  Not to worry,  seven left, two did the Betty's shuffle and six of the sites were full by the end of the day.  So we have many new people to meet, many new names to learn and many new adventures to hear about.


Ray/Wendy said...

Hi guys, tell Betty Happy Belated from us. I see those famous shot glasses at use again:)

Bobbie and Jim said...

Oh, sounds like a grand ole time. Great photos...makes us feel like we there with you all again.

Scooter said...

It's unreal how much folks enjoy Betty's! No place like it! But, new mission: find another place like Betty's

ladynomad said...

Fireball. Now that's the way to party.