Saturday, March 16, 2013

More Friends, More Food, More Music

Yes, it is more of the same old things (not really) at Betty's with friends, food and music.  With all the retirees here it is never TGIF, it is TGIR-Thank Goodness I'm Retired. 
We did a road trip with Jim and Bobbie to Lafayette that included a stop for lunch and three different places to do some food (what else) shopping.  We did visit Cajun Picasso where Lori, an artist who is at Betty's, has some work for sale.  It is a neat little gallery with both antiques and folk art.  We just happen to have a piece of Lori's artwork hanging in our motorhome.  She is quite the artist and most of her work is painting on old cypress wood gathered from the bayou. 
If it is Saturday it is a Cajun Jam Session.  This week was at the Museum Cafe in Erath.
Pictured are a few of us enjoying the music.  Top left are Ollie, Nanc, Bobbie and Jim.  On the right are Jean Paul, Celine, Sandy and Charles.  Bottom are Dan and Merlene.  The background is my to go plate.  A tradition here is a free feed for everyone after the jam session.  This meal was rice, beans and a wonderful pork roast.
Another big day at Betty's.  We had Sunday brunch with mimosas and Bloody Marys along with all the fixins. 
We all had a choice of what we wanted in our omelets.
 The cooks Betty, Steve and Dave prepared them for us.  Here is Dan waiting for his omelet.  I knew Dave was older, but I did not realize he had been the model for Michelangelo's David.
One happy retiree with a full plate.  Omelet, meat, fried sweet potatoes and biscuits and gravy. WOW!!!!!!
Pete, Marge, Dan and Lori enjoying the breakfast.
More happy campers have an after breakfast drink.
And more music.  Local accordionist, Black Foreman, taught Dan a bit of Cajun and they entertained the group.  Black not only plays, he also makes accordions.  Here is a short video where you can hear Dan, Dave and Black playing.  What a treat.
And the group loves it.
More funseekers.
After the morning brunch and a bit of Cajun music we all went to The Beehive in the afternoon to hear Judy Bailey, Gerald, Dave and Benny.
And once again a fun time was had by all,
We even had a chance to hear Dan make his public debut when he stood in for Judy for a few songs.  His guitar pickin has really gotten better since we were here last year.  SO MUCH FUN!!!

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