Thursday, March 21, 2013

More Friends, Food, Music

As usual the good times continue here at Betty's with friends, food and music.  Many of these events are just part of the daily happy hour(s) while others are special events planned by our wonderful hostess, Betty.  There really is not another RV park like this anywhere.
While in the Keys we told the people all about Betty's and two couples decided to stop and check it out.  Their only disappointment was they could only get a spot for two days.  Here are Paul, Trudy, Betty, Kathy and Joe just before they pulled out.  They assured us they would be back.  I am going to stop telling people about this place.
Sometimes, things just happen.  One afternoon I heard music and found Paul, Dan, Bobbie and Peggy jamming on the deck.  Who knew these ladies had such great voices?
When Lois and Brad walked into happy hour she looked at Nanc and said, "I know you".  Turns out she had taken the exercise class Nanc taught at the Escapade in Gillette two years ago. It is a small world we RVers live in.
Happy Hour!!!!!
Scotty (Scooter) O'hara heard about Betty's from Lois and Brad who he met at a local restaurant and showed up for a two day stay that turned into five.  Of course he had to do the Betty shuffle but he is now caught in Betty's web.  Scooter is traveling the country with Wang and has chronicled their travels in a very interesting blog, Life with Wang.  I have added a link to his blog under my blog list.  You need to check it out to meet Wang and read how Scooter describes their stay here.
Scooter and Dan started jamming during happy hour and a few of us joined in.  Nanc and Jim C on the left and who knew, me on the guitar. 
That same evening Brad brought out his karaoke machine and suddenly the place was rocking.  Top are Dan & Merlene, Betty & Shirley and Ruth & Betty.  Bottom are Betty & Charles, Sandy and Bobbie & Jim C.  We were all rockin.
I always kid Bobbie about putting pictures of food in her blog but now realize I talk about food so much here that a picture is worth a thousand words.  On Saturday for lunch we went to Suires, a little grocery store restaurant in nearby Kaplan that has been written up in the New York Times.  Here is the group and Bobbie taking a picture of her gumbo.
Kristi, a local woman who is one of the stars of the TV show, Swamp People was doing a promotion in Abbeville.  We had met her at Betty's last year so we just stopped by where she was doing the appearance so Scooter and Wang could met her.  That is Wang that Kristi is holding in the gators mouth.
And if it is Saturday it is a Cajun Jam Session.  Jean Paul and Celine (middle with their backs to the camera) are always there in the front row from the start to the finish.
Usually they are wallflowers, but this week Black Foreman and his wife Meon got them out on the dance floor.  Who knew they were so light on their feet?
Sunday was St Patrick's Day so it was holiday food Cajun style, corned beef, cabbage, potatoes and, of course, crawfish.  I love it.  Top are Drena, Wayne & Marvin; Betty & Nanc and Cookie & Jim.
A few more revelers.  Top left are Anita & Gary (whom we met here and visited in Winnipeg last summer), me, Barb and Rich.  Bottom are Australian visitors Jan and Russell who sang Waltzing Matilda for us.  You really never know who will show up at Betty's.
More St. Paddy's Day partiers.  Top left are Jean Paul, Merlene and Charles. Bottom left are Peggy, Paul and Celine. Right are Bobbie and Jim. 
And Wang meets a mudbug.
And, as always, there was music.  Dan, Dave, Scooter and Judy entertained us all.  It is hard to believe that there is so much to do here??? FUN, FUN FUN!!!!

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Ray/Wendy said...

Hi guys, what fun and you're getting great use of those shot glasses:)