Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Laissez les bon temps rouler!

 Well the title says it all, the good times continue to roll with friends, food and music here at Betty's.  It is hard to believe that we are more than half way through our stay. 
"The girls" did a day trip to Lafayette to lighten their pocketbooks and have lunch. Here are Kathy, Cookie, Nanc, Merlene, Bobbie, Peggy, Celine and Sandy ready to head out.  The guys enjoyed the day also:)
We did lunch at Dupuy's. Left are Charles, Sandy, Kathy and John.  Right are Jim C, Bobbie, me and Nanc.  It does seem like everyday is a good time here.
One pictures is worth a 1,000 words.  The crabcakes were to die for and the raw oysters that Nanc and I shared were the best ever.  If you love fresh seafood, this is the place.
A spring tradition in Abbeville is the free concerts on the square.  This year got off to a great start with an evening (three hours non-stop) of Zydeco music by Geno Delafose and his band.  They had the place rockin with their music.
The krewe from Betty's.  There were so many of us that Geno gave us a special shout out.
We were lucky to hear D.L. Menard, a Cajun musician from Erath, when he stepped up to sing his hit, The Back Door.  This was the icing on the cake for a wonderful evening.
It really is hard to sit still when you hear this lively music.  Here are Russell & Jan, Merlene & Dan, Sandra & Buz and Jim & Bobbie on the dance floor.  This short video of a little boy shows they start learning the music real young.
Jim bottom middle is responsible for all those smiling faces.  He slow cooked everyones ribs for a pot luck.  YUMMMMM.
Adult entertainment.  Buz showing off his BIG chair, drinks, bra and panties.  You can't say we don't have fun here.
The shrimp boat is coming.  We went to Delcambre to buy shrimp from Capt. Rene (bottom left).  People bought from 5 to 20 pounds and then we all gathered to clean our catch.  Of course you need Bloody Marys to do this job properly.
Our reward for having all this shrimp, Betty made a huge pot of her famous seafood gumbo. 
It sure got quiet while we were all gobbling down that meal.
The dinner was followed by a great jam session.  Top Dan plays and accompanies Peggy; Ray, Dave, Wayne and Dan jam and Barb belts out of tune.  Bottom Dave and Wayne join Margot and Celine all while Paul strums quietly in the corner.
Celine and Merlene had a really fun time that night.  No more will be reported.
The French ladies, Lise, Margot, Anita and Celine.
A view of Betty's you don't often see.  Australian Russ, who is a pilot, rented a plane to fly over the area and he took this picture.  Seventeen rigs packed tightly around Betty's house.  It's no wonder we make so many friends here.  The neighborhood is really small.
Tale of two couples. 
 Left are Charles and Sandy who pulled in on March 7 for a two day stay.  They quickly learned what it means to get caught in Betty's web.  Each day brought a new adventure with the prospect of more fun the following day.  This resulted in numerous extensions that required them to do the Betty Shuffle until the day Betty had to tell them all her spaces were rented.  That was March 25 so after two days turned into 19 they departed.  They shall return.  Right are Bobbie and Jim.  They had made a reservation for the month of March last spring when we were together in Colorado.  All went according to plan until they learned their summer job  required they be at a meeting in Utah April 2.  Thus the very sad faces as they had to depart early.  They too shall return.


Bobbie and Jim said...

Oh, what a great post, Jim!!! Love the aerial shot of Betty's...I swiped it for myself...know you don't mind.

Marty Cassidy said...

I know that Bobbie and Jim really do feel the way they look about having to leave a bit early.

I'm still waiting for the announcement that you guys have gained official citizenship...

heyduke50 said...

yep, if we ever get near Abbeville again, we too shall return...