Monday, March 11, 2013

Crawfish Boil, More Fun & More Music

The fun times here at Betty's continue with all the usual ingredients of friends, food and music.  We have been here for two weeks and can't believe we have already done so many things.  And it appears that there will be no end to the good times.  Some people have moved on only to be replaced by a new group of funseekers.   I always learn new things here and this week ended with me going places I never dreamed I would go.  Read on. 
Some things that happen at Betty's shall remain at Betty's.  Let's just say that time has been known to literally fly while we are here.  I think the new clock looks great.
We had a wonderful late lunch with Jim, Bobbie, Dan & Merlene.  Bobbie made a very tasty shrimp, crawfish etouffe.  Here we are starting the meal with apple pie of the liquid kind.  MMMMMM!!!!
Every day at 4:30 is the start of happy hour(s) where we all gather to meet new arrivals and swap stories about our day and future plans while sharing appetizers and drinks.
We have learned to love crawfish and having a boil right in the park is the best way to enjoy the mudbugs and have an all day party.  Right is chief cook Wendell putting the potatoes, onions, corn and sausage into the pot.  Left is apprentice Jim unloading one of three 30 pound sacks of crawfish that came straight from a nearby farm.  And, Nanc with an important ingredient, Bloody Marys.  The live crawdads in the background are being cleaned and purged.
Jim and Marvin are pouring the crawdads into the cooking pot while Wendell adds the seasoning.  Timing is everything and Wendell makes sure they are cooked perfectly before putting them into a cooler (heater) and dusting them with more seasoning.
Everyone in the park gathers around the pot (proving a watched pot does boil) to wait in anticipation of the feast to follow. 
Paulette has a different reaction to holding a live, wiggling crawfish than Nanc and Brenda.
When they are all done they are dumped on the table.  Wendell is finally getting a well deserved break before he digs in.
Only a couple of people did not eat the mudbugs and all 90 pounds were gone by the end of the day.
So many smiling faces.
They were wonderful.
A special thanks to Wendell and Jim.
After stuffing ourselves with crawdads we had an evening of great entertainment provided by Benny (sax), Judy and Dave.
RVer Paul joined in.
They had the place rockin!!
Benny's 92 year old father joined in with his accordion for a few Cajun tunes.
They had them dancin' in the aisle in Betty's Louisiana Room.
California Cajun Dan then joined in for a few songs. 
What a great time.
To those who know me this will come as a BIG surprise, but even I stepped in to join Benny for a tune.   You really never know what will happen at Betty's RV Park.  It's magic!


Ray/Wendy said...

Jim, you learned more than I did at Martin Accordian.I suppose yours is on order.)
the clock looks great!

ladynomad said...

Now that was a mess of crawfish.