Thursday, February 7, 2013

Glass Bottom Boat, Birds & More Sunsets

During our last week in the Keys we took a glass bottom boat out to the reef to see the coral and fish,  checked out the local bird sanctuary and, of course, enjoyed more beautiful sunsets. 
We took the Key Largo Princess through the canals on our way to the Atlantic.  There were many large, beautiful homes and boats along the canals.
It was really rough that day making the viewing a bit tough and making Nanc a bit queasy.  The tower is the marker for the reef.
One of the two nurse sharks we saw.
These old pieces of coral look like bones and scared off early explorers.  They thought they where the remains of people killed by the natives. 
Some of the coral.
These fish are called Sargent Majors because of all their stripes.  Remember RHIP, so they must be very important.
The soft coral was swaying in the currents.
It was really neat seeing the fish and the coral even if it was a bit rough.  Here is a short video of  more fish and coral.
We went to the Laura Quinn Wild Bird Sanctuary in Tavernier.  They rescue injured birds and release those that recover back into the wild.  They keep the birds that do not recover enough to be released.  Here are two hawks and an owl that are in cages.
A very friendly Red Tailed Parrot.
The sanctuary attracts a lot of wild birds that just hang out there.  This ibis is scratching. 
A flock of ibis hanging out.
A couple of vain pelicans checking out their reflections.
A beautiful snowy egret with its mating plumage.
A great egret.  The sanctuary is a great place to see a big variety wild birds. 
And of course the wonderful sunsets continue each evening.
You never know what the sunset will be like, but in our 31 days we had at least 27 fantastic sunsets.  Our time in the Keys has passed and we are already planning to return.  This has been the best winter weather we have had in our six winters on the road. 

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