Thursday, January 31, 2013

More Keys, More Friends, More Sunsets

We continue to relax and enjoy the wonderful weather in the Keys while doing more exploring of the area.  It has been a great January with the weather being so warm that for the first time in our lives we went through a January being able to wear only shorts and t-shirts.  That was fantastic.
In Key Largo you can take a ride on the original African Queen that was used in the 1951 movie.  The boat has been restored and is still powered by a steam engine.  We did not go on the boat, but it was really neat seeing it.
Dave, the campground host at the Elks, let us use a kayak to explore the waterfront in the area.  We had a grand time even though we did not see any manatee where we thought we would.
We did a day trip to Big Pine Key to visit the National Key Deer Refuge.  These endangered deer, which are a sub-species of white tail deer, are only found on 25 islands in the Keys.  Young fawns only weigh two to four pounds.  This "large" buck was only about three feet tall.  The does are even smaller and the yearling (top right) was not much over a foot tall.   If you visit the Keys make sure you see these small natural wonders.
Some other wildlife we have seen in the Keys; an iguana, a giant crab, a turtle and a peacock.
Also at the refuge we got up close with this gator.  It slid into the shallow water and was sunning with many fish swimming around it without being bothered.  We were on a deck and were closer to a gator than we have ever been.
The sign sure tells the real story.  Gators are meat eaters.
We stopped at the No Name Pub on No Name Key.  We added our dollar to the 135,000 others have  put on the walls and ceiling over the years.  The money is several bills deep making the No Name a great stop, as the sign says, a great place if you can find it.
This building in Key Largo has a Wyland marine painting.  We have seen several of these during our travels.  His building paintings and galleries are found around the world and are always a must see.
The whole gang from the Elks went to the Lorelei for the sunset and an evening of magic and music.  A great time was had by all.
And of course the wonderful sunsets continue.  Each day brings a new, beautiful scene.
And another.

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Bobbie and Salvatore said...

The Keys are still on our bucket list, but it's nice to live vicariously through you in the meantime! ;-) Thanks for sharing! Beautiful!!!