Friday, January 18, 2013

More Friends, More Sunsets

The good times and sunshine continue at the Keys' Elks.  We had visitors for a week when Tom and Georgie came down with a personal mail delivery and a bit of Keys sunshine.  We had fun exploring the area and just soaking up the sun under clear blue skies.
Nanc welcoming Tom and Georgie.  They had to be careful not to get burned in the sun as they have been bundled up all winter.
Watching the wildlife is a major past time here.  This is a rare triple with an ibis, little blue heron and  iguana all together on the jetty at the Elks.
We did a day trip to explore Key West.  It is a great town for people watching.  You never know what you will see.  I loved the big dog, little dogs walking down the street together.  Of course, roosters rule the roost in Key West and are protected from harm by law.  They have the run of the town.
Nanc and Georgie checking out the sandals at Kinos.  Georgie bought a pair that she had to wear here because she won't be showing off sandals any time soon back in wintery WashPA.
We had not visited The Harry S. Truman Little White House on our previous visits so it was a priority this time.  The house was originally used as the navy base commander's home.  It was used by six presidents; Taft, Eisenhower, Kennedy, Carter, Clinton and Truman, who used it the most.  Truman stayed here 11 times for working vacations between 1946 and 1952.  The home, which is decorated with the original furnishings from 1949, is still available to all presidents and their families. 
No pictures are allowed inside the house.  Here is one of the tropical shirts that Truman and his staff always wore when he was here.  He called it his Key West uniform.  I did get my picture taken with one of my favorite president.  Here is a link to our blog entry about our visit to the Truman Museum and his home in Independence, Missouri.  
Tom, Georgie, Nanc and I in Mallory Square in Key West.
A famous Key West sunset was on our to do list and we were not disappointed.  There are many street performers, from musicians to sword swallowers, who entertain the crowd as they wait for the sun to drop into the water.  Just a tip, if your schedule is flexible make sure you go to Key West on a day that no cruise ships are in port.  Here is a link to the schedule. 
A couple of pics of the beautiful sunset.
Someone on Facebook asked if the sunsets are really that beautiful.  Yes they are and they are very different every day.
Nanc, Bogie and Georgie hanging out at the Caribbean Club where part of the movie Key Largo was filmed.  You never know who you will meet here.
We have heard several bands and this blues band at the Lorilei, another sunset spot, was our favorite. 
The sunset was not that great on this evening, but the reflection on the water was fantastic.
We don't need to leave the Elks to see a great sunset. (See previous post) Many gather every evening to watch and we even had entertainment by Kato, the ball catching dog.  Top left are Karen, Greg, Kay, Todd, Linda and Paul.  Bottom left are Trudy, Paul, Mike, Paulette and Gary.  Top Right is Maureen and bottom are Tom, Georgie, Jim and Nanc.  An grand time was had by all.
We were rewarded with this view.  Another superlative sunset.


Bobbie and Jim said...

What a great post!!! Love the photos of the sunsets.

Bobbie and Salvatore said...

Beautiful photos! We've gotta make it there someday!!!