Friday, January 25, 2013

Art, Fish, Friends and More Sunsets

We continued to have great weather to explore the Keys with Tom and Georgie.  Evenings were spent just getting caught up and with the guys getting the best of the girls at euchre.
We went to Robbie's to feed the tarpon.  Some of these fish are as big as a person and they come out of the water to take the bait right out of your hand.  Top right is the warning wall with all the sunglasses, cell phones and other things people have dropped into the water.  Georgie does not look to thrilled about this does she?  To see what happened to Tom's finger here is a short videoHere is another video of me feeding the fish.  The guy with the net was to keep the pelicans away and to rescue fallen objects from the sea floor.
We did the Art Walk in Islamorada.  This event happens the third Thursday of every month and had several vendors and shops offering a big variety of arts and crafts with some entertainment in between.  Nanc liked the BIG chair.
We went to the Dolphin Research Center in Marathon.  This is the center where Flipper of TV fame was trained.  The center is a small facility where you can get up close with the dolphins.  Here are a few tricks they have learned; Carrying a fish without eating it, standing on their heads, doing the back stroke and a back flip.
We were real close to the trainer working with the animals.  They have programs from $25.00 to meet a dolphin to $675.00 to be a trainer for a day.  We opted for general admission and were very happy with what we got to see.  Here is a young dolphin being trained, someone getting a dolphin ride, a mom with a two year old, (bottom left) and dolphins doing their thing.  Here is a short video of two dolphins working together.
Georgie, Tom, Nanc and I enjoying lunch at the Wreck.  A fun time was had by all.
I did a bit of community service at the Elks, helping to park cars for a big event and trimming trees with camp host Dave so our neighbor could get his dish aligned.
Another fantastic Keys sunset.  It is unbelievable how great and how different they are each day.
Even when it seems like there are to many clouds they can open up for a few minutes of wonderful colors.


Sue said...

OK how strange is this? on our way back from the airport to drop off my brother, we stop at Alabama Jack's for lunch. I see someone who looks like Jim (but no Nanc in sight) so I decided to check your blog to see if you are in the Keys visiting a twin brother. Close! Surprised to see you are in the keys. We were at Robbies yesterday- rented some kayaks. Took the tour of the Truman place on Key West two days ago. Great tour. We are in Pennekamp for a few more days, then on to Marathon for a couple of weeks. We also try to eat outside as frequently as possible. we' ll have to see if we can get together!

Doing It On the Road(Part II) said...

Wow that tarsixthreesevenniepon image is awesome!