Sunday, December 16, 2012

Secrets Royal Beach, Punta Cana

After going to Hawaii last year we decided that we were going to take a vacation every year to someplace we can't get to in the RV.  This year's trip was made easier with two free flight vouchers we received last year when we were bumped.  We selected a Secrets Resort because we had been to one while we were still working and loved it.  We chose the Dominican Republic based on the experiences friends have had there in the past.  We knew Secrets Royal Beach was the right choice from the moment we were offered a cool towel and a glass of champagne upon arrival.  It was all fantastic and we were very happy with everything about our stay. 
This is the view from our room.  While Punta Cana is technically on the Atlantic Ocean it is a real Caribbean paradise with great weather, wonderful beaches and beautiful blue ocean water.
There were two pools, one a meandering river like pool through the resort grounds.  One reason we like Secrets is that it is an adults only resort so you can always find a quiet spot.
The other pool had a swim up bar and was the real center of activity.
Other than reading, this is how we spent most of the week, basking in the sun and enjoying a couple of different exotic tropical drinks including a Dominican specialty, Mama Juana.
The ocean water was as warm as a bath tub.  It was fantastic.
Left are Willy, Jose and the rest of the bar staff who took great care of us.
Right is the wonderful entertainment team Isaia, Speedy, Akon and Mickey Mouse. These guys were great and sure made our stay very enjoyable. 
Here we are participating in a couple of the contests.  Nanc was learning how to fold a towel into a swan.  While I thought hers was the best, she came in second.  Here I am in the beer drinking contest.  Even with my many years of experience I did not win.
A couple of other water pleasures were the bubble bath that Jacky drew for us on the deck outside our room.  We followed it up with a night of room service. Another day we did the water cycle that started with a shower, then the sauna and steam room followed by a plunge in cold water.  It was then on to a warm whirlpool and the three different water treats in the big pool.  After all that we had wonderful massages that left us feeling like noodles. AAAH!   
Other activities included a class on mixing drinks, where we got to taste each creation.  They showed us how they make cigars but I passed on trying one.  Other days there was a water balloon fight and a foam party in the pool.  It's great when a bunch of "young" people can get together and have a good time and nothing but a good time:)
There were exercise activities everyday at the pool and on the beach.  Nanc did yoga, zumba, water aerobics and water stretching.  It's no wonder the entertainment team is in such great shape as hard as they work all day.
Each evening there was a different performance. One night it was Jeerk, a very entertaining rhythm artist group from Sweden. Here is a short video of the show.  Right is a local group that performed a native dance and fire show. Here is a short video of the fire dancers.  Another night there was a circus, but we forgot to take our camera.
The happy couple after one of many great meals.  There are three restaurants at the Royal Beach and we where also allowed to eat at any of the seven restaurants at the Now Larimar next door.  All the food we had was great with a big variety to choose from. 
The beach was beautiful and there was much more to look at than what I usually see at adults only, over 55 RV parks where we normally stay:)
All these birds where feeding on little fish in the pond.  There were more than 100.
Here are three of Nanc's favorite birds, Blue Herons.
We had a great time on vacation and are already talking about where we are going to go next year.


Bobbie and Salvatore said...

Truly looks like a fabulous vacation! Thanks for sharing your pics and experience! Merry Christmas to both of you!

Bobbie and Jim said...

Oh, what a wonderful vacation and a great idea for future planning. Thank you for sharing it all with us.