Friday, December 7, 2012

Mt. Dora Christmas

Mt. Dora is a little "old Florida" town with several neat restaurants and shops.  They do a great job of decorating the town for Christmas and have many events to attract people.  We attended the Christmas Walk where they close several downtown streets and have entertainers on each block. One of my favorite things is the musical Christmas tree.  Here is a short video of the tree
This is not a statue, it is a mime who was slowly moving her arms in an angelic manner. 
Very cool!!!! 
Nanc and Judy did a lot of shopping while Bill and I checked out the crowd.  Bill enjoyed his time with this headless beauty.
And of course there are all the lights.
The entire town square is ablaze with lights.
More lights.
One year they even brought in snow and had sled riding.  I'm glad they did not do that this year.  Getting away from snow is one our major goals.  Love spending the holidays in the south.

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Richard said...

Did you climb Mt. Dora? :}