Friday, November 30, 2012

Thanksgiving, Birthdays and Steelers vs. Browns

We have settled in at Orange City RV Resort for a month long stay.  We are near Nanc's family and have had several visits with them.  We shared the traditional Thanksgiving dinner with all the usual, wonderful food.  This is our sixth holiday season on the road and most of those years we have been lucky enough to spend them with family and friends in different places around the country. We also had a couple of evenings of games, watched a few football games and went to the movies to see Lincoln.  A great movie that we highly recommend. 
Bill and I pulled the big bird out of the oven.
The real cooks for the day, Judy and Nanc.
The table was ready and it seemed like it was all over all to soon.  I love the turkey, stuffing, Bill's special cranberry salad and, of course, all the leftovers for lunch that weekend.
Bill's son Eric, his wife Kelley and grandson Matt joined us for the great meal.
The Sunday after Thanksgiving we joined Bill and Judy to watch the Steelers - Browns game.  This picture was taken before the final results were known.  In the end, three of us were VERY disappointed by the results.  It is bad enough when the Steelers loose to the Browns, but having to watch this terrible performance with a Browns fan made it even worse.
Nanc and I both celebrated birthdays this week.  Mine was not any bigger deal than others since I am already on Medicare and Social Security, BUT, Nanc's was a really big deal.  She will now receive Social Security and to our surprise she is eligible for a pension from a company she worked for years ago.  This will sure help the bottom line since we did not win the big Powerball drawing.
WOW --  LIFE IS GOOD!!!!!!!!!!
 Next week we are going on vacation to Punta Cana.  Most people think we are on vacation all the time but the reality is we live in our own house like everyone else, the only difference is ours is on wheels.  It will be great to just kick back and have people waiting on us, making the bed and cooking all our meals.  Yes, life is very good and we do have much to be thankful for.

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