Friday, November 2, 2012

Ocracoke and Damn You Sandy II

Before the weather changed for the worse we did a day trip to Ocracoke for a another beach and fishing day.  You are really out to sea there with the only access being by boat from Hatteras Island or the mainland.
The ferry to Ocracoke is usually a 40 minute run across Hatteras Inlet.  The day we went we had to wait an hour for a boat and then the trip took over an hour because of work being done at the landing.
One of our favorite things about HI is the fresh seafood.  It is a short distance from the boat to the plate.
The beach on Ocracoke is even less crowded then those on Hatteras.  Here are a couple of different crabs we found on the beach.
Silver Lake Harbor and the Ocracoke Lighthouse.  This was one of the quaintest spots on the Outer Banks, but was also the first to change many years ago.  That said it is a trip worth taking.
The Audubon Society is not very popular here.  They have pushed the park service to put restrictions on beach driving to save a few nesting birds.  We have been coming here for many years and have never seen anyone driving dangerously or destructively on the beach.  Almost all the beach drivers are fisherman who are only trying to get to a good spot who also want to take care of the wildlife and the environment.  I am all for conservation, but after talking to locals these restrictions are really hurting local business.
As I wrote in the last entry we left the island in the face of Sandy coming up the coast.  Here are a few pictures I found on line that show that leaving was the right decision.
This is Highway 12 in Avon about a quarter mile from the campground.  We did talk to the people at Sands of Time and the campground did stay above the water.
This is near Buxton at a place where I often went to fish.  The dune was broken and sand and sea water covered the road.
This is a picture I took at the Outer Banks Motel from the cabin where Tom and Georgie were staying.  These cabin were moved back from the water several years ago.
This is the same spot during Sandy.  Gives a whole new meaning to ocean front.
Why we are not returning this year.  This is Highway 12, the only road, at Rodanthe.  Not only is the road destroyed but the dunes that should keep the ocean off the island are gone.  Most of those houses have been condemned and one went into the water during the storm.  
We sure hope this does not happen:)  With every tragedy you need a little humor.  How else does one survive and keep going?
The plan, which is always written in sand, is to head south.  We intend to go to Charleston and then head to Florida for the holidays.  As far as HI, we wish everyone there our very best.  We hope all are able to bounce back from this horrible storm and look forward to returning in the future.

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