Saturday, November 10, 2012

A Sharp Weekend

After sitting out Sandy in Greenville, NC we moved down the road to Havelock to spend a weekend of driveway camping at Brian and Lori Sharp's.  We saw them a couple of weeks ago in Corolla but did not get to visit much or to play euchre.
There family has grown by two since we were here two years ago.  The new additions since our last visit are baby Mayila whom Lori is holding and Garret between Andrew and Benny.  Daddy Brian is giving Benny the evil eye. 
We had a great Eastern Carolina treat when Brian cooked up a bushel of oysters on the grill. 
What a treat!!!
Nanc got into shucking and we all (even the kids) loved them.
It was also great seeing Lori's dad, Tom, and her mom, Darlene, here with Mayila
We did a day trip to nearby Beaufort and enjoyed the waterfront.
We love being near the water and seeing all the boats.
Garret, Andrew and Benny had peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.  I must say Garret looks really good in peanut butter and jelly:)
Beaufort is a neat, old seaport town with many old houses.  Hammock House was once the home of Black Beard the pirate.
This is how fans make sure the Steeler Nation continues to grow.  We indoctrinate them at an early age.  Of course winning six Super Bowls helps.
This is a rare picture.  I really do not do to well with babies, but I do enjoy them as long as they can be handed back to mom or dad when they need a "change".
It was great getting to spend the weekend with the Sharp family. We had a wonderful time and we thank them for their hospitality.  Having watched Brian grow up, it is great to see what great parents he and Lori have become.  It sure takes a lot of energy to have a family with three boys and a new baby.  There is a reason why you have children when you are young.