Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Music, Food, Friends, Family and WashPA VII

We finished up our stay in WashPA as it began, by getting caught up with friends, going to doctor appointments and listening to local music.  Here is a link to to a video of Dan, Josh and the Band. My last doctor's visit was for glasses, so we are now all set for another year.  I failed to take pictures when we played euchre with the old card club (I lost), a dinner and fun evening with the Jones',  and one last trip to the bowling alley where I soundly defeated Mike in all three games.  We both exercised our rights and voted via absentee ballot.  "O" what an experience helping to elect the president.  I am sad to report that for the twentieth year in a row the Pirates finished below .500 with a September swoon, so we were real lucky to see a win when we went to a game.
Here we are with Ed and Donna when we did a hamburger night with them along with Tom and Georgie at Someone Else's. The guys agreed the burgers were wonderful.  Nanc had a veggie quesadilla and Donna and Georgie had wraps and they agreed their choices were wonderful too.  Thumbs up for this restaurant no matter what you order.
A sign at the casino where we left a few $$$$$$$.  You know if there is a sign, some fool did it. 
This time of year in Western PA is beautiful as the leaves begin to change.  The colors are really amazing.
My bro, Capt'n Rick, with his birthday present.
Nanc, Denise, Rick and Jim celebrated his birthday with a wonderful meal at the Sonoma Grill in Pittsburgh.  Another great evening together before we hit the road.
Another birthday celebration.  Nanc, Jim, Georgie and Tom, who turned 74, had a wonderful meal at the Back Porch.  The next morning Tom ran the Pittsburgh Great Race.  I think the man is ageless.
 On our last day in WashPA we were invited to have wood fired pizza one last time with John and Patrice.  Here Patrice, Kim, Bill and Nanc are enjoying the first one out of the oven. It was one more wonderful day with friends.
Johnny preparing and cooking another tasty creation.  He has always been a great cook and this oven is a dream come true.  This is something we will always look forward to when we return to the area.
Look, he even made one for us to take home.  It was supper our first night on the road.  Thanks again!
While we love our life of travel and being on the road, we always look forward to being back in WashPA and spending time with our old friends and family.  We have stayed here a little longer each year and even at that we still don't get to do all we want to or see everyone we had hope to see.  Thanks to all for your friendship and hospitality.  We loved seeing everyone and truly had a wonderful visit. 


Bobbie and Salvatore said...

Seems like you really had a great time visiting! Thanks for sharing.

Bobbie and Jim said...

That pizza looks wonderful. Glad you are enjoying your visit "home". When are you "hitting the road"?