Thursday, September 13, 2012

Music, Food, Friends, Fishin and WashPA V

We continue to have a great time in WashPA getting together with many, many friends and taking care of other business.  We both have one more dentist appointment and I got an A-OK on my colonoscopy (no pics).  Nanc and Mary Lou had a great time going to dinner and to the theater to see Jersey Boys.  We have contributed much to the local economy by going out to dinner with many people. 
 Here are Jim, Nanc, Mary Lou and Gail at Beez where we spent the evening catching up.  We will be celebrating Christmas and ringing in the new year with Mary Lou in Florida.
 Another week and more music.  The card club got together at Table for an evening of food, fun and music.  Hillary, the singer, was in Sherri's pre-school many years ago.
 I know we all have to deal with construction and I sometimes think that in Pennsylvania they could put a Road Work Ahead sign at one border and End Road Work at the other end of the state because there is so much.  That said here is a picture of what may be the shortest construction zone in the USA.  
One of our favorite things to do here has always been going to "the lake", Pymatuning, to Mike's and Sherri's cabin to drink a couple beers and to fish.  We had three beautiful days on the water with sunny skies and temps that got warmer each day.  In three days we only saw four other boats on the water.  I hope all the usual boaters were working to support us retirees.
 While I did not do as well as last summer when I had a once in a lifetime fishing trip, I did get a couple of nice catfish.
Even Mike, Capt. Catfish, caught a real nice perch.  We had a great time on the water and catching up with all that has been going on in our lives.  Nanc and Sherri played many games of Upwards and Frustration and once again the guys ruled at Euchre.  A great visit with great friends.


Sam&Donna Weibel said...

Since I was raised in Pa. in the Scranton area. While my Mom & Dad were still alive I used to make several visits a summer from where we live in Dardenne Prairie MO.I used to call Pa. the Barrel State, since all the way across the state from Ohio to the I 81 split. They would have have one lane closed by barrels and no sign of any road work in progress or workers.Thousands of plastic barrels, I wondered if their Governor had a relative making the things. Last time I went it was much improved in 2010. Have fun and Be safe out there. Sam & Donna..

Chuck and Jan Moore said...

I absolutely loved Jersey Boyz! Glad that you did, too, Nanc. Hugs from Iowa, J&C