Sunday, September 23, 2012

Music, Food, Friends and WashPA VI

We are about done with all our doctor and dentist visits and continue to have a great time with friends and family while visiting a few of our favorite local eateries.  We also got back to being tourists as we explored a bit of Western PA culture.  On another note, this past summer I wrote about the changes taking place in North Dakota because of the oil boom.  Here is a link to an unusual way RVers are getting help surviving the harsh Dakota winters.
 We had not had a chance to see Rosemary and Pete since we got back because of their busy schedule, so we were very happy for a chance to get together.  It was great hearing about their family and the wonderful trip they had back to Pete's native home, Greece.  To set the mood we met at Mr. Gyro's, a great local Greek restaurant where we were also happy to see owners Kosta and Chris.
 We had another lunch with the retired teachers at the Kopper Kettle.  Here are Jim, Tom, Georgie, John, Patrice, Sandy, Ron, Becky, Bill and Nanc.  This group is sure enjoying the retirement that they worked so hard for so many years to get.
 Another evening we celebrated my little brother Rick's birthday with his wife Denise at Burgh's Pizza and Wings, a nearby local favorite of ours.  We have been together with them a couple of times, but this was a great relaxing evening getting caught up.   
We have also eaten several times at our favorite local spot, the Union Grill.  If you want a great meal at a great price at a place with a Cheers like atmosphere, the Grill is a must do in WashPA.
 We did a bit of unusual music at Bayernhof Music Museum, a home near Pittsburgh that has a huge collection of musical machines.
Here are Nanc, Jim, Georgie, Tom, Tim and Di in the pool (swimming) room of the house.

Every room in the 19,000 square foot home has a number of music machines.  Starting top left is one that holds twelve 26 inch disks, top right is one that plays two violins, bottom right is a great Wurlitzer and left another unusual music machine.  Here are a couple of short videos so you can hear these neat old treasures.  The first is a player piano.  The second is a Wurlitzer Military Band Organ.  
In addition to the music machines, the tour includes a look at this wonderful home built with a German theme by Charles B. Brown in 1976.  Top left is one of three full kitchens, the 16" telescope, the master bath and the dining room that seats 16.  There are also eleven fully stocked bars in the house that was built with entertaining in mind.
Top left is the billiards room with a Multiphone Early Cylinder Juke Box in the background.  Top right is Chuck's office, bottom right is Nanc in the wine cellar and left is the master bedroom with a collection of Hummels worth thousands.
Left, our group enters one of three secret passageways, this one a cave-like hall that leads to the swimming pool with its ten foot waterfall.  Right is an old moonshine still and the boardroom that was never used because Chuck did not have a board, as he owned his own business.
We finished off the day at the Hofbrauhaus where we went for dinner to carry on the German theme.  It was the first day of Octoberfest so the place was rocking with beer, wine food and music.  

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Bobbie and Jim said...

Very interesting post! Great concept for the indoor RV Park in ND... ingenious! Miss you both.