Monday, September 3, 2012

Music, Food, Friends and WashPA IV

The fun times continue in WashPA with another week filled with music, food and friends.  We are still doing doctor and dentist appointments, but are about done with all those chores so we should have a few less obligations for month two of our stay. 
 We heard more jazz at Al & Ruben's with a different group.  The heritage of different music from all over the country is one of the things we enjoy the most and those musical roots run deep right here.
 Here is the Wednesday Lunch Bunch that got together one last time before some of the group head back into the classroom.  The four standees are the only ones still teaching and contributing to the retirement system to support all of those who are seated.  We all thank them for their labor.
 The old card club; Tim, Mike Tom, Georgie, Sherri, Diane, Nanc and I, took in a Pirates game.  The evening included some great ballpark food and fun. 
PNC Park has a great view of the Pittsburgh skyline.  The team is drawing more fans this year as they have a shot at the first winning season in almost twenty years, if they don't suffer a September swoon.  LET'S GO BUCS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
A Blue moon rising over the Pittsburgh skyline.  The Gulf Building, triangle top on the left, has just brought back another Pittsburgh tradition with the colors forecasting the wind speed, humidity, precipitation and temperatures with different colored lights on the 39th to 44th floors.  We did not need that info to tell us the weather that evening was fantastic.
 The perogie race is always a highlight of the game.  This season it is not the high point as the Buccos are bringing home more wins.
 Georgie, Sherri, Di and Nanc stand and join the crowd singing Take Me Out to the Ballgame during the 7th inning stretch.  A grand time was had by all as the Pirates beat the Cards 5 - 0.
 I wanted to use my new senior lifetime fishing license so Mike and I went to a nearby lake for an afternoon of angling.  It was a fun time fishing, but not so great for catching.  Mike shows off his trophy catch.
Another evening we went bowling with Mike and Sherri.  A fun time was had by all, especially me as I won both games against some stiff competition.
 Last spring at Betty's we met Buzz and Sandra who live in Ohio not to far from Pittsburgh.  We told them about a great Burgh tradition, the Primanti's sandwich, and agreed to meet there for lunch when we were back in WashPA.  We had a fun afternoon of catching up on our travels and exploring the Strip District. It is always great seeing friends on the road.
All Primanti sandwiches include slaw and fries right on the sandwich for a great easy to eat delight.  The murals in the restaurant include many of the Burgh's most famous, from Andy Warhol to those SIX Super Bowl trophies.  If you want a true taste of Pittsburgh put Primanti's on your to do list.  

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