Sunday, August 12, 2012

WashPA, Friends, Food & Music

So far, our time in WashPA has been filled with friends, food and much music.  The first day back we went out for dinner and an evening of music with Tom and Georgie.  We have been to all our favorite restaurants and seen many of our friends. 
On our first weekend we attended the Washington Wine, Jazz & Pops event.  Four groups filled the afternoon with great sounds while we tasted wine provided by several local wineries.  A couple of the acts included former students.  Here, emcee and former student ,Ruben Brock introduces another former student, saxophonist, Scott Boni and his trio.  They were fantastic.
The day offered not only hot music, but also hot weather.  Here are Tom, Georgie, Nanc, my empty chair and Mary Lou trying to stay cool while enjoying the hot sounds.
Here is another former student, drummer David Throckmorton, with his trio.  It is hard to believe that so many talented, professional musicians have come out of WashPA.  It was a wonderful day of music and seeing many old friends.
John has wanted to have a wood fired pizza oven in his yard for as long as I have known him.  Well, his wish came true since we were last here and it was far more fantastic than I had envisioned.  We have been looking forward to having one of his great pizzas and we were not disappointed. 
Here is John preparing and cooking that first taste. As you can see by the tray I could not wait for a taste. It was fantastic.
In addition to the oven John and Patrice (center left) put in a beautiful patio overlooking the lake behind their home. 
This is the Wednesday lunch bunch that John invited over.  A grand time was had by all, but as you can see, John did not even have time to look up from his cooking for a picture.  I don't know who loved it more all the eaters or the pizza chef.  It was a great evening getting caught up with many friends.
 Another step back in time was an evening of cards with our old euchre club.  Here are Tom, Tim, Diane and Mike.  Only Tim was smiling at the end of the night as he came in first.
Here are card players Marylou, Nanc, Sherri and Georgie.  I'm happy to report that, in addition to a wonderful evening of food and friends, Nanc and I finished in the money.

We also continue to get caught up with doctors and dentists and are looking forward to more time with family and friends.

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