Thursday, April 5, 2012

Food, Fun, Music; Cajun Style

We are nearing the end of our stay here at Betty's with more of those Cajun traditions of fun times, food and music. You never know what to expect, who will show up for a visit and who will be hitting the road. Marvin, Russ and Lori who have been here all winter have pulled out to start a summer of travel. George & Judy and Omer & Sylvia, who we have met previously, passed through for a few days. The sites always fill up quickly with new RVers. It is great getting to make new friends and meet up with old ones here at Betty'sIf you stay at Betty's for very long you will end up seeing her underwear and this stay was no exception. Here are Betty and Carol showing off those "BIG" red under garments for all to see. What a hoot!!!!!A big crawfish dinner is usually on the agenda of most visitors so along with a few new RVers we returned to Big John's for some great mudbugs. They were much bigger than the ones we had on our first visit as the water in the ponds is warming up. It does not take much to decide to have a party here at Betty's and when several people are celebrating big events a big party is a must. Here are Birthday celebrants Jim, Betty, Sandra, Buz and Omer along with Peggy (right) and Paul (behind and left of Peggy) who were having an anniversary. The food was wonderful and the entertainment was great. The crowd gathering for the party. Top left are George, Judy, Dan and Merlene. Top right are Marvin, Maggie and Jim. Bottom left are Peggy and Paul. Bottom right are Nova Scotians Sylvia, Omer, Marie and Cal. Here at top are CeCe, Nanc, Lori and Cookie and bottom are Cal, Russ, Chris, Joyce and Betty. We all had a great time and ate way to much. There is an incredible amount of musical talent that passes through here and this week was no exception. Regulars Dan and Cal are joined by newcomers Don (drummer), Omer and Ann on guitar. That evening Sylvia, Omer and Judy Bailey joined in the festivities. Omer was really happy getting to play with Judy as he is a big fan of Moe Bandy whom Judy had a top ten hit with. Here at Betty's you never know who might hop in to play a tune. Saturday was our last chance for a Cajun jam session at Touchet's. Here is a link to hear a short clip of the music. A few of Betty's RVers join in the fun. Top right are Merlene, Dan, Don and Ann. Top right are Gene and Linda. Bottom left are Omer, Sylvia and Nanc and on the right are Jim, Buz, Sandra Cal and Steve. Yesterday morning there was a knock on the door at 7AM. Who in the hell is knocking at this hour? Well it turns out that Marvin was leaving and a few people were going to breakfast with him and wanted us to join them. Here is the breakfast bunch at CC's. On the left are Dan, Merlene, Jim, Cookie, Dave, Pricilla (who just returned after a work assignment in Oregon) and Betty. On the right are Jim, Nanc, honoree Marvin, Cal and Marie. There is not another RV park around where all these people would get out of bed to see a friend off. We had no sooner gotten back from breakfast than Betty was at the door to tell us the Lil Man, a shrimp boat, was in and if we wanted some fresh gulf shrimp we needed to go right away. This is not to be missed so off we went. Here Captain Rene and his crew are weighing our shrimp. I got a whole new appreciation of what it takes to be a shrimper just watching them work on the dock for a few minutes. I don't think I will ever complain about fueling up the motorhome again after watching Rene pump $7,000 worth of diesel. That is what they burned on a ten day trip and they did not catch one shrimp the first four days. The group bought a total of 100 pounds and it all had to be cleaned when we got back to Betty's. Oh well, it was not too bad as Dan made Bloody Marys to help us complete the job. It was a fun time and of course there were a couple of fresh shrimp appetizers for happy hour.

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Breaking head, nothing like cleaning shrimp! Oh and we love the frog joing in.