Monday, January 30, 2012

Heading East to LA

We left Q last Monday planning to be at Betty's in Abbeville by February 1st. We would be traveling I-10 the whole way and wanted to spend a couple of days at the two SKP parks along the way to see friends. We have driven almost 1400 miles in a week and did four days of 300 miles. This is very rare for us, but we were on a mission to get to Betty's.

Our first stay was two nights at the SKP Saguaro Park in Benson so we could shake out the dust from our two weeks in the desert and see some friends. We got to spend time with Rick & Terry Traver (left), 07 mates whom we last saw in Cody this past fall. We also visited Bob & Gini Huntley whom we met at the Rose Parade HOP and last saw at their home in Massachusetts in 2010. As always, it was great getting to visit with friends along the road.
The trip along I-10 is really quite boring with miles and miles of nothing but miles and miles. The are a few sites along the way, one of which was this huge roadrunner in Las Cruces, New Mexico.

As Easterners who never saw a border patrol vehicle or agent in their lives until going on the road, we figured they must be few and far between and not doing a very good job from all the rantings of the right wingers. Also, in all my years of driving I have never seen a road block on an Interstate highway (see above) until we traveled in the Southwest. Surprise, surprise there are agents everywhere we travel along the border and from what we have seen they are doing a good job with a very difficult task. We were stopped at inspection stations at least three times in the past week.

Our second stop was at the SKP Dream Catchers Park in Deming, New Mexico were we knew the Mossmans and Chapmans, who were a day ahead of us on the same trip, were staying. We got to park right beside them and all three rigs have the same graphic, "Laissez les bon temps rouler", that we all bought last year when we did the Mardi Gras together at Betty's. Thanks to Jim M for getting the graphics idea started.

Jim & Bobbie (left) and Jim, Linda & Walker. We had a great happy hour and then saw them on their way the next morning. It was great having them ahead of us, as they kept us updated on where to stay and where the best fuel prices were.

While at Deming we did a day trip to Paloma, Mexico and the Pink Store. Paloma was the first Mexican border town we have visited that did not have armed border guards. We parked on the US side and just walked to Mexico for the afternoon.

We enjoyed a couple of the Pink Store's famous margaritas and had a great lunch. If anyone is in the area next month the owner told us that on February 10th they were having a customer appreciation day with free food and drinks.

We also did a little shopping. The store has a great variety of made in Mexico (not China) items. The Pink Store is a must see if you stop in Deming.

A few of the statues in Paloma. Left is Governor Patricio Martinez Garcia, middle is Nanc with a whimsical Mexican musician, and right is General Pershing and Pancho Villa. The story of their meeting is in this blog post from our last visit to the area.

The drive across Texas, almost 900 miles, brings a big change from the desert out west, into some small mountains, then high plains and the Hill Country and finally down to near sea level in the coastal plain. Our original plan was to stay three days in the Hill Country, but that would have meant driving through both San Antonio and Houston during the week. We opted to do that drive on Sunday (good choice) and are now at Turtle Bayou RV Park in Wallisville, TX. A neat place that is right off I-10 but above is the great view we have. WOW a real river with real water and not just a dry wash waiting for rain that seems to never come. We are just going to take it easy here for a couple of days before we do the last 200 miles to be in LA on Wednesday.

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