Thursday, January 19, 2012

Desert Fun

More people arrive each day for the Class of 2007 Reunion. We are looking forward to a week of food, fun and friends in the desert. The group was up to fourteen by Thursday and we did our usual thing gathering around the campfire to swap tales of our travels and just generally get caught up. Nanc says I am never in the picture, but it's my shadow on the left.

On Saturday, eight of us made the trek to the Desert Bar, a neat little place that is at the end of five miles of dirt road north of Parker. The bar has grown steadily since opening in 1983. As you can see by the sign the hours are limited. The place operates off the grid and they advertise it as the Solar Bar. Most people drive in but if you don't want to get the car dirty you can opt for the chopper.

Here's our group soaking up the sun. Nanc, Jim T, Jim C, Bobbie C, Ron, Linda, Sal and Bobbie T. A grand time was had by all.

Joe bugles the call for the official start of the reunion on Sunday. The group has grown to almost forty with several new 07 adoptees.

As with all our gatherings food plays a central role. A different meal is planned for each night. The first night was finger foods and a delicious variety was available.

That frozen concoction that helps us hang on sometimes leads to wild behavior. After an early start with margaritas, twenty of us went to Silly Als for dinner and karaoke. We all want to hear Sal sing Bad to the Bone but we discovered we were way to early. Not to be let down by the lack of a music man, we called up George Thorogood on the iPhone and Sal entertained all the early bird diners.

Every picture tells a story.

Here we honored (and mocked) our leader (queen) Linda who dropped her cell phone into the black tank. We do want the give her a big THANK YOU for being the organizer of the reunion.

Another great potluck dinner. What a great variety of food for all.

Two years ago we met Omer and Sylvia at Betty's RV Park in Abbeville. That summer we took them up on the offer to stay at their place in Nova Scotia on our way to Newfoundland and had a great time. Our first day out in the desert they saw us walking and it turned out they were only about 100 yards from where we are parked. They came over one night and entertained the group. You know what I say about meeting friends on the road.

All the attendees. We continue to have a great time out in the desert.

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Jim and Bobbie said...

Good post, Jim. Good quality photographs and such a variety of things you wrote about.