Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Music, Music, Music

First off, anyone who knows me knows I love music, but have NO musical ability beyond the radio and CDs. Even with that background, the Musical Instrument Museum is a great stop to learn the history of instruments from around the world. The museum is also a great teacher of geography as its displays are arranged by areas of the world starting in Africa, then moving to Asia, Oceania, Latin America, Europe and ending in Canada and the United States.

So true!!
Each visitor is given headphones that play the music that accompanies the videos that often show the actual instruments that are on display. Here is Alan listening to the music of Africa.

This was an excellent display of oil can guitars. The music that came out of these cans was amazing.

On almost every continent early cultures had drums, flutes and stringed instruments in some form. The one that surprised me was how many places had bagpipes. There was even one made from an entire calf hide.

Other displays showed how instruments were made. Here they show how early gongs were produced.

This was a exhibit on the building of Martin guitars.

This one showed how Steinway pianos are made. One of the things I learned was how much of a hands on job making instruments is, even today.

The Artist Gallery has displays of videos of a variety of contemporary artists. These show John Lennon, Toby Keith, Carlos Santana and Elvis. There are many new displays being added to this wonderful museum every week so it is a place we will have to return to in the future.

Here we are at the museum cafe that is licensed by Bon Appetit. Meals are planned using local suppliers and the menus change according to what is available each week. Nanc had a great vegetarian sandwich and lentil soup and I had a wonderful Moroccan lamb stew. The MIM is a great stop for anyone who loves music even if you have a tin ear.

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