Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Here we are, 42 years ago today. We have come a long way baby and like fine wine it just keeps getting better with time. Neither of us could have imagined the life that was ahead of us on that wonderful day long ago. Being married to our best friend who has so many of the same interests just makes it all that much better. We look forward to continuing our fulltiming lifestyle as we explore and discover new and exciting places and things while making new friends together.

This year November 1st is another major milestone as I am now on Medicare. Wow, who ever thought I would live long enough to enjoy that great benefit. LIFE IS GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Jim and Bobbie said...

Well, congratulations on your 42nd. What an accomplishment!!!

Art In The Sun said...

Looks like your hair got longer and Nancy's hair got shorter over the last 42 years. Congrats from Allan and Sharon