Thursday, July 28, 2011

On the Shores of Gitche Gumee

For us, it was Christmas in July as we moved to the Kewadin Casino in Christmas, MI were they have 50 amp electricity at a few spots in the parking lot that are FREE. That made losing a few dollars easier to take. We are here to see Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore, a park that stretches 40 miles along the southern shore of Lake Superior at its widest point. The best way to see the sandstone rock formations, beaches and waterfalls is from a boat. There where a couple of people on the boat who had hiked the length of the park and they said the view was much better from the lake.

Miners Castle, one of the few formations that is easy to get to by driving.
It was a beautiful day on the water with its color changing from blue to aqua and green. It was so clear you could see deep into the lake. There is another boat tour that goes out to see old ship wrecks on the bottom. Most of the erosion from waves comes with the winter storms that travel across 160 miles of open water.

This arch is called Lovers Leap. The water under the arch is only a couple of feet deep.

Look carefully at this rock and you can see the profile of an Indian.

The tree on Chapel Rock is unique. It has survived more than 50 years after the connecting arch collapsed because its roots, now hanging in the air, are still attached to the shore.

Only one trip a day goes as far as Spray Falls. Is is worth taking that trip to see this beautiful falls. Much of the coast east of this point consists of beaches and sand dunes.

Some of the many colorful cliffs with there different colors which are caused from various minerals that the water seeps through.

This is a Sandhill Crane. Its unusual color is the result of the birds drinking the tannin colored water from the area streams and lakes.

We drove to the Beaver Lake (lower right) area and did a day hike of the few miles through the forest to Lake Superior (top left). The forest was beautiful but we were attacked by evil flies on the portion that went along Superior.

Left is Alger Falls and right is Munising Falls.

There are several lighthouses in the area to guide ships around the shoals and sandbars like this one at the entrance to Munising Harbor. Right is the 150 year old Grand Island Light. The two on the left are different than any lights we have seen. They work as a pair and when a ship had them lined up it was in a safe channel to enter the harbor. For navigation the lights have been replaced by buoys and of course GPS.

One of the beautiful sunsets we saw on Lake Superior. We really enjoyed this part of the UP, remote little towns nestled in the forest or along the lake. A new food I had here was a pastie. It is a sandwich like thing with meat and root vegetables, including rutabaga, that is wrapped in pot pie dough. It was served with gravy and was very good. We also purchased some smoked whitefish which was excellent.

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Danielle said...

I just came across your blog in an internet search and wanted to let you know that I jut love it! I am from Michigan (just moved to Florida) and have been to many of the places in your recent posts. I am hoping to take my husband on vacation to all these places soon. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts and photos.