Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Last Week in PA

Our last week in PA was filled with family, friends, food and fishing. We enjoyed eating out and ate at over 25 different restaurants during this stay. Several times we went to our usual favorites like the Union Grill, Sam's and Burgh's. Other times we went to places that we love to go to with friends and even went to the Kopper Kettle a place we have never eaten in thirty years of living in WashPA. Some, like Eleven and the Back Porch, are places to go on special occasions and since we are here so rarely that makes it a special occasion. We have really enjoyed our time here seeing so many good friends who we miss so much while on the road.

Here we are with Rick and Denise at Eleven in Pittsburgh. We had a great meal and a wonderful evening catching up on what has been going on in our lives. You can tell this is a fancy place, I wore a shirt with buttons.

Here we are at Pete and Rosemary's where we had a Greek meal that was as good as any we had eating out. They have a beautiful back yard complete with a grape arbor where Pete gets the grapes for his famous jelly. They even got out the columns to give their place more of a Greek feel. We are looking forward to hearing about their fall trip to Greece.

Another evening we went bowling at the Meadows Casino with Mike and Sherri. Check out the "English" the bowlers are using to try and bring the ball to the pins. That is a deceptively impressive score. It was the team score about six frames into the game. We may not be very good but everyone, even Mike, had a fun time. After bowling we ate at the Terrace Restaurant and Mike, Nanc and I lost some money in the slots. Sherri was the only winner.

On the last Wednesday of our visit the teachers did a road trip to the Church Brew Works in Pittsburgh. This is a neat brewpub in an old church. The brews and food were heavenly. Top left are Kim, Sandy, Nanc and Patrice. Bottom left are Ron, Becky, Pat, Ann Marie and Bill. Sorry John I did not get a pic of you. That evening we got one last fix of local jazz. Dan on the guitar and Josh on the sax were joined this week by another former student Ruben on the trumpet. Ruben is also an author and his book, A Young Man's Wisdom, about growing up and becoming a father is a great read. It is available on Amazon.

Our last day in WashPA was a big one. Richard and Valerie, rving friends who we have met on the road several times, stopped by while traveling from Michigan to their new condo in Charlottesville, VA. We had brunch and had a couple of hours to get caught up. It was so nice to see them again and we are so glad they were able to squeeze in a visit.

That evening we went to dinner at the Back Porch with all our old euchre club friends. Tim, Diane, Sherri, Mike, Tom, Georgie, Nanc, Jim, Jack and Marylou. We all had wonderful meals and as you can see from the next pic some of us got a little out of hand.

A picture is worth a thousand words. This is typical of our PA friends and shows why we miss them all so much. They are such a fun group.

We left Washington on Wednesday and went to Pymatuning to visit with Mike and Sherri at their cottage for the weekend. We had a great time all weekend and laughed so much we hurt. In addition to the GREAT fishing, Nanc and Sherri did some retail therapy and played many games of upwards and frustration. Then we all played euchre where the guys once again triumphed over the gals.

And the final fish story. Over the last 25 plus years I have been fishing at Pymatuning many, many, many times. On ALL those trips the biggest walleye I ever caught was 22 inches which makes this trip so special. As you can see from the previous post I caught three very nice fish on Wednesday. On Thursday the skies were threatening and we were only out for an hour before a storm ended our day. BUT in that hour I landed (with Mike manning the net) another big 27 inch walleye. This really makes up for the many days I sat in the front of the boat without a single fish while Mike caught fish after fish in the back. As you can see he did not go fishless this time either as he hooked several catfish, a couple of perch and a small walleye. The last two days of this trip brought me back to reality as they were typical days of catching small walleye, catfish and perch.


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