Thursday, June 9, 2011

It's a Burgh Thing

We are still in PA doing the things we need to do. We have been poked and probed and are happy to report all is well. The importance of our health has really hit home recently with the reports of the passing and illness of several friends. Our thoughts go out to all who are dealing with health and family issues. We have been having a great time with old friends and family and are happy to see all our favorite restaurants are still doing well. Our bill for groceries is way down for the month but the dining out is through the roof. We have more than one favorite dish at each place so several visits have been required. We have been doing some much needed motorhome cleaning including emptying, cleaning and reorganizing the basement. It is amazing how much stuff we have accumulated in four years on the road. Nanc has cleaned closets and I still have to wax the exterior

We got together with the Euchre group for an evening of food, fun and cards. Nanc tied for first and had to spilt her winnings which really cut down on the profits for the night. Of course my coming in last also contributed to this financial setback. Left to right are Tim, Nanc, Tom, Diane, Georgie, Mike and Sherri. The euchre tournaments are one of the things we miss on the road.
We had a fun day at the Pittsburgh Jazz Festival. Three streets were closed and they had groups all weekend. Dahntahn was alive with music n 'at. Pittsburgh has a proud heritage of jazz, but the local NPR station has just changed hands and the hours of daily jazz on the radio are in danger which has resulted in a lot of uproar and many letters to the editor.

Some of the Burgh's art. Top is a transformer man made of bridges, a mural celebrating the cultural district and our very own magnolia tree that blooms year round. Bottom is a sculpture of a musician, a juried piece by a former student, Toby Fraley, and a neat fountain in Katz Plaza. Pittsburgh is a beautiful city and no longer the smoky steel town most people think it is. It is doing well in these tough economic times with an unemployment rate well below the national average.

There were many artists selling their wares and all kinds of food at the Three Rivers Arts Festival. Yinz could get perogies or a jumbo sandwich along with a can of pop or an ahrn to wash it dahn. The festival was really crowded because there were so many jagoffs in tahn from Philly to see their team loose 2 out of three to the Buccos.

At the Point (see pic in the last entry) the Allegheny and Monongahela Rivers come together to form the Ohio making this spot a strategic location for both the French and British in the middle 1700's. The French first controlled the confluence but burned Fort Duquesne and fled when the British approached. The British then built Fort Pitt and the blockhouse is all that remains from that fort. This was part of the same war that led to the expulsion of the French Cajuns from Canada to Louisiana that we learned so much about when we stayed in Abbeville.

Today the Point is a beautiful state park that gives a much different view of the city skyline. The outline of concrete shows the location of the walls of the first fort. Pittsburgh is a beautiful stop if yinz are traveling in the area but unfortunately there are really no good RV parks within twenty five miles of dahntahn.

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