Monday, March 7, 2011

Sharing More Cajun Culture

We continue to give Tom and Georgie a crash course in Cajun culture. We went on the Champagne's Cajun Swamp Tour to get up close and personal with many swamp dwellers. We previously took the tour with Bryan in 2008 but that was in the fall and we wanted to go in the spring with the hope of seeing more gators. We were rewarded with seeing many turtles, birds, a nutria and a few gators. Bryan is a Cajun who was born and raised in Acadiana and gives an excellent tour explaining the flora, fauna and culture. Bryan's boat is designed to run in shallow water and the motor is quiet which enables him to get you close to the animals. Another plus is there are no mosquitoes here because of the tannins in the water.

Tom and Georgie enjoy the beautiful Louisiana weather.
They have done a core boring and confirmed that this bald cypress is over 500 years old.

This is a blue heron rookery. If you look closely you can see two or three birds. We also saw many egrets and cormorants.

Bryan got us real close to this heron. This makes Nanc very happy as the heron is her favorite.

A few of the many turtles that were out on this warm sunny day soaking up the warm rays.

Click on this pic to enlarge it and see if you can find the small gator.

No need to enlarge this one. Bryan said you can tell their length by estimating the distance from the eyes to the tip of the nose and just change the inches to feet.

This big boy was about twelve feet long and looked like he was eyeing us all up for an easy meal. This is a wonderful tour that we highly recommend for anyone visiting the area.

We continue to eat well at Betty's. She cooked rice and red beans as the main course for a potluck. Tom said he was starting to enjoy the Cajun cooking. Right are Rich and Terri who are making up for missing the gumbo dinner when someone indulged a bit too much. We had a great week with Tom and Georgie showing them why we love coming to Betty's; the food, the music, the culture and most of all, the people.

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YUp, nothing like sharing the Cajun culture... We are looking forward to our Cajun fix next month.