Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Fat Tuesday and Farewell

The morning after our late night return from NOLA we were up and on the road by 7AM to go to Lafayette for the Fat Tuesday parade. The others at Betty's opted out of this early morning trip so we were on our own. There were three parades scheduled for that day but because of the threat of rain we only did the King's Parade. That was our fifth Mardi Gras event in two weeks. We had also missed a parade in Baton Rouge on Saturday because a big storm front was coming through. Twenty miles away in Rayne a tornado injured several and killed one.

As part of the pre-parade festivities there was a costume contest. Some of them were very creative. Top left to right are Balloon Man driving a balloon car, Le Petite Chaperon Rouge and the Bag Family; Leaf, Garbage, Lady and Paper. Bottom are a few adult contestants and a young mermaid. It was a fun time for the entrants and the crowd.
Top is a real Mardi Gras parade expert who had a net to catch beads over the barrier. Nanc with a couple of revelers. Bottom is our spot at the rail that we claimed with our chairs and a big umbrella. We are learning this parade routine. The mounted police lead the parade and were followed by a pooper scooper.

Some of the parade floats with the King in the center of the bottom row. There were a couple of quick showers, but for the most part the weather was fine.

More floats. The floats were nicer than the smaller parades in Scott and Church Point, but not as elaborate as those in NOLA. There were also several bands.

Nanc with our booty from five parades.

We may have to get the rig weighed. We sent a box of beads to Nanc's sister Judy for her granddaughters and plan to recycle most of the others. We had a great time at Mardi Gras and got to see a good mix of different events from the Chicken Run to the big parades in New Orleans. The Chicken Run was the most fun while NOLA had the neatest beads and trinkets and is something that everyone should see.

A few of the group who had been at Betty's for the entire month. Since most of them were leaving the next day we had a going away party with a chili pot luck and Jim C. making a gallon of his great apple pie cocktail.

Betty's on Wednesday morning after nine rigs pulled out. The only vehicles were Ruth's and Wendell's, Marvin's and ours. But, not to worry, by 3PM all the spots were full and good times at Betty's continue. We did nothing that day as we were trying to take it easy after two weeks of going, going, going. As we usually do when we stay here, we decided to extend our stay until the end of the month. We are caught in Betty's web.


Jim and Bobbie said...

Great post with great photos! We really enjoyed spending the month with you guys. See you in Q next January!

Richard said...

Looks like a million beads to me.

Doing It On the Road(Part II) said...

Hmmmm, is this the same person who was making comments about our rock collection?