Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Crawfish Boil. Music & Suprises

The good times continue at Betty's with a whole new group of people. One thing we were able to participate in was a crawfish boil right here at the park. Hal, one of the RVers who is from Louisiana, had all the needed equipment and it was really neat to see the whole process from start to eating.

Top left are two of the three 30 pound bags of live mudbugs patiently waiting for their baths. Top right; Hal adds crawfish boil, salt and water to the cooler of bugs to purge the sh_t (poo) out of them. Bottom; the bugs are being moved to the rinsing tub and into another cooler to await their turn in the hot tub.
Top; we learned that a boil also requires the drinking of beer so they turn out just right. The first test batch comes out of the boiling water and are dumped into yet another cooler where Hal added some Cajun Swamp Dust to enhance the flavor. Then a few of us gather around the test run to make sure they were all cooked to perfection.

Last comes the eating of the crawdads, corn, potatoes and onions Hal also cooked up. This is definitely a roll up your sleeves meal.

We did another Saturday afternoon of Cajun music at the Museum Cafe in Erath. The band is playing in front of the mural of Grammy nominee D.L. Menard whom we met at the Museum when we visited earlier in our stay.

Some old and new friends.

Top is Nanc with Ollie whom we met on our first visit three years ago and have seen on every return visit. Next is Tom & Nancy (seated) and Tom & Marge, two couples who were at Betty's for Mardi Gras and stayed in the area for a few more days. Bottom are Ken & Barbie who were at Betty's on our '10 visit and stopped by for the music. Next are Dan & Merlene our new neighbors for the rest of our stay. Everyone now at Betty's has been here before. She sure knows how to bring people back.

Another potluck dinner was a surprise birthday party for Shirley, pictured with Betty. She thought she was going out to eat after happy hour and was shocked when the cake was brought in followed by all the food. As usual eating is a big part of the stay here.

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Jim and Bobbie said...

Nice blog post. Glad to see you are keeping up the traditions of the "Mardi Gras Gang"