Friday, February 18, 2011

Welcome to Betty's RV Park

The greatest thing about Betty's RV Park is Betty and her happy hour(s) where everyone gets together at 4:30 to share stories of the day and plan future activities. These gatherings always involve music, food and the liquid fuel of your choice. In addition to all the things we have seen and done here in the past Betty has a full itinerary of Mardi Gras events lined up that we are looking forward to. As I said when we arrived, the temps were not very warm and that trend hit a new winter low for us when, on Sunday morning, it was colder here than in WashPA. But, after that morning low the afternoon temp was in the sixties with the long term forecast calling for highs in the 70's which is much more to our liking. A lot of the group has been out exploring each day, but we have just been taking it easy as we have fewer places to visit because we have been here before.

Here we are at the first happy hour all bundled up inside Betty's Louisiana Room. All the friendly, warm people must have helped warm up the weather.
One of our favorite things about being in Louisiana is the music. On Friday night Betty brought the music to us when Nashville recording artist Judy Bailey performed at the park. In the 80's Judy was nominated as one of the top 5 vocalists at the American Country Music Awards. She has performed with Moe Bandy and other country artists and also performed on Hee-Haw and Lawrence Welk. Judy even sang a song she wrote about Betty's RV Park.
A fantastic time was had by all.

Judy is putting together a new band to perform in the area and invited everyone at the park to hear them practice on Saturday. They played everything from country to rock and swamp pop.

They even cooked burgers and fed all of us. We have always found the Cajun people to be very friendly and generous. Here the crowd from Betty's enjoys the music and the sunshine as the temps start to warm up.

Joyce and Larry Space even got up to "cut the grass" as the band played. A few others also danced along.

A grand time was had by all.

I told you it was warming up. Here a few neighbors soak up the warmth. There was even a bit of early indulgence by a few unnamed people to celebrate the early arrival of spring. We were all waiting for the gumbo that Betty was cooking for Sunday supper.

Here are three of the revelers and a couple of empty dishes for two who failed to make it to supper. You know what they say, "You snooze you loose".

Middle is the big pot of Betty's gumbo with the crowd getting ready to chow down. Everyone contributed a side dish for this great meal. We have been to many parks that have gatherings but Betty's is the only place where everyone participates in all the fun.

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