Monday, February 28, 2011

More Friends at Betty's

We continue to have a great time at Betty's. The weather has been fabulous with warm days and cool nights. This has enabled us to move happy hour outside and I think the nicer days have everyone here acting a little crazy as we all look forward to spring. Betty planned more outings including a bus excursion to the Cypress Bayou Casino. The bus cost $7.00 a head but everyone got $5.00 on their player's card, a free buffet with drinks and a band to entertain.

We are having company for a week as Tom & Georgie brought our mail down and we are giving them a fast track, full immersion course in Cajun culture. Part of that is of course the music so on Saturday we were on the road at 6:00 AM so we could be first in line at the Cafe des Amis for the Zydeco breakfast. That afternoon it was the Cajun jam session at the Museum Cafe in Erath. Also, the Mardi Gras celebrations have begun and we will have more on that later.

As both pics say when it comes to what goes on here we all; hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil. Ah, sure we do.

Left to right are Terri & Penguin Rich, Bobbie & Penguin Jim and Linda & Penguin Jim II.

There are some things we just can't talk about:)

And, there are other things that must be preserved for all time. Here Jean-Pierre & CeCe show off the latest in big butt underclothing. We all do know how to laugh and have a good time.
The casino group who is here for the whole month.
Top; Scott & Diana Howey and Jim & Bobbie Chapman. Bottom; Nanc sporting some Mardi Gras bling and Jim & Linda Mossman. We were all winners because the day really only cost $2.00 but some did do better than others.

More of the group.

Rich & Terri Deacon, Marvin Broussard and Jean-Pierre & Nicole Valiquette.

We all had a grand time whether it was just eating and drinking or spending a few dollars trying to get rich quick.

Here are Tony & Marybeth Linn, Betty and CeCe & George Donaldson.

I think the two on the left have the biggest smiles because Tony was the biggest winner.

More happy gamblers.

Left, Tom & Nancy Doyle; Center, Mikki & Lee East and Right, Joyce & Larry Space.

We all had fun and some of us even won a little money.

A must do if you are visiting Southern Louisiana is the Saturday morning Zydeco Breakfast at the Cafe Des Amis. Music, dancing, eggs and Bloody Marys all before 10 AM, what a fun time. Top is the crowded dance floor with Joyce & Larry along with Nanc, Jim, Georgie & Tom.

Center proves if you are just standing there you are fair game to be asked by the locals to hit the dance floor. Bottom is the line of people waiting to get in when we left at 10:30 and the band that is backed into the storefront window.

We really love the Cajun jam sessions they have every Saturday near Abbeville. This week it was at the Museum Cafe. We still have friends we made there on our first visit in 2008. Top left is Nanc with Ollie who has become a dear friend that we are always happy to see every time we come back to this area. She is a real pistol and knows everyone in the place. Sometimes the wine "glasses" are not fine crystal but they do fill those cups to the rim when you order so the girls did not have a complaint. A tradition of the jam sessions is that they feed everyone at the end of the session. It can be anything from rice and beans to a full meal of pork, white beans and sweet potatoes which they cooked outside and served up this week. It was a great taste of Cajun cuisine!! This Saturday the museum honored Azar Broussard, a local musician and teacher of Cajun music. He is in the blue shirt. One of his students, 10 year old Bubba Hebert, also performed on the squeeze box. They both did a fantastic job and had everyone in the place on their feet. The Cajuns really work hard to preserve their culture.

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