Saturday, February 12, 2011


On our last weekend in Bushnell we went out to dinner with Wallace, Wanda and Marcia (Joe had gone to Kentucky) to a local restaurant in a fish camp called Werda-Hecamiat. I can't tell you where it is located because Wallace drove so when we got there I had to ask "Where the heck am I at?" The next day there was a chili cook-off for the Super Bowl that was not so super for the Steeler fans. Oh well, there were fifteen chilies to pick from and we had a great time despite the outcome of the game. We enjoyed our stay at Sumter Oaks.

On Monday we left for Louisiana and drove 650 miles, the most we have ever traveled over a two day stretch. We stayed in campgrounds in the Florida panhandle and near Baton Rouge rather than Wally World because it was to cold to dry camp. On Wednesday we only had a short sprint to get to Betty's in plenty of time for happy hour. Ten rigs pulled into Betty's that day and most of them are going to be here for a month of Mardi Gras celebrating. Beside Betty we were also greeted by Marvin, Wendell & Ruth and Russ & Lori whom we met here previously. Also coming in that day were 07 mates Jim & Bobbie Chapman, whom we last saw at Quartzite and Larry & Joyce Space whom we met in Newfoundland this summer. It is a small world. We are looking forward the the month with all these old friends and getting to know everyone else. We were also greeted with cold weather that hung around until the weekend. Oh well, the good friends and hot Cajun food will keep us warm until mother nature turns up the heat.

The judges picking the winners at the chili cook-off. Every one I tried was great. I am glad I wasn't picked to be a judge.
The drive was almost all on interstate highway. Above is crossing the mighty Mississippi. This river always impresses me with its size, especially after seeing what they call a river in the Southwest. Bottom is the approach to the road across the Atchafalaya Basin an eighteen mile stretch of I-10 that is raised above the swamp. It is quite a drive.

BBRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!! Why did we leave that warm Florida weather?

Oh here's why we left the warm weather to come to LA. We love coming to Betty's and it was really great to see her again. As usual she has a full schedule of events for the month.


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