Friday, January 21, 2011

Topless in the Keys!!!!

We moved only 35 miles south in the Keys to Jolly Roger Travel Park in Marathon where we stayed three years ago. This is a Passport America park that gives the discount for up to five days even in the high season. The weather continues to be great with warm sunny days and comfortable nights. We drove to Key West twice to visit 07 mates Joe and Marcia Jones who have spent a lot of time there and served as excellent tour guides. They even showed us how to go topless down Duval Street and we both have to admit it is the only way to see this crazy laid back place.
The sunsets continue to be fabulous. We could not get to Mallory Square as it was closed for Friday Night Boxing but Joe got us on to the Navy base pier to enjoy this sunset. You could take a million pictures of the Keys' sunsets and every one would be different and more beautiful then the others.
Joe and Marcia sitting on the bumper of their "topless" jeep. As I said, this is a great way to see Duval Street and the rest of Key West.
Jim and Nanc (fully clothed) at the Southern most point of the US. We have been on US 1 from northern Maine to mile post 0 in Key West during the last year. If it gets cold here you have to put pontoons on the rig and go 90 miles to Cuba for warmer weather.
Once again we took advantage of the bike trail and rode a portion of the old Seven Mile Bridge. The bridge was built between 1908 and 1912 as part of Flagler's plan to build a railway to Key West for a faster way to transport goods north. The railway was wiped out in a 1935 hurricane and was then modified and used for auto traffic until 1982. It is really narrow and I would not want to drive the motorhome across it.
Left is the new Seven Mile Bridge. You can see the old railway rails that were used for the railing when the old bridge was modified for auto use. The trees in the middle are on Pigeon Key that was a camp for the rail workers.
To all our friends up north who are tired of shoveling this winter you may want to call the number on the sign on top of this truck as the guy offers "Free Snow Removal".
We visited the Dolphin Research Center just down the road from the Jolly Roger. This is where Flipper was trained for the TV show and it is a great place to get up close and personal with the dolphins. We just did the general admission and it was very interesting. You can walk among the various pens and see dolphins performing different tricks. There are several programs available from Meet a Dolphin to Swim with a Dolphin to being a Trainer for a Day and range from $25.00 to $650.00. Above are the dolphins and one of the sea lions performing and a family in the water with a dolphin. Below are two short videos. The Dolphin Research Center is a must see if you are in the Keys.


Anonymous said...

Y'all come back ya hear.

The DRC Family said...

Thanks for visiting. We're glad that you enjoyed seeing the dolphins and sea lions.