Thursday, January 6, 2011

Florida is Hot

We are having a great visit with Jack and Mary Lou. We have gotten together for meals, movies, games and shows. On Christmas Eve we had a wonderful dinner at the Cafe Chardonnay followed by an Italian Christmas with Nanc's lasagna and manicotti. We went to see The King's Speech, a very good movie. The weather has been about perfect with temps in the range where we don't need the heater, the AC or even a fan. On Christmas Day we did the pool and hot tub thing under sunny Florida skies. We played euchre three evenings and I am happy to report that the guys reigned supreme all three times. Nanc and ML played Scrabble, Dominoes and Upwards while Jack and I solved all the current political issues and kept up to date with football, basketball and hockey. On New Year's Eve we dined at the Kee Grill and went to see the Capitol Steps. We have heard them many times but this is the first time we have seen them live. It was a great show and they poked fun of everyone from Obama to John Beohner. They did a routine called Lirty Dies that went after Wiger Toods, Parah Salin and oeveral sthers. If you get a chance to see the Steps it is a very entertaining show that is always changing to keep up with current events.
We had a great Christmas Eve dinner at the Cafe Chardonnay.
Can you believe this is Christmas Day?
Florida is suffering from a long drought and we have seen several wildfires. This one near Jonathon Dickinson State Park burned for two days.
Sandhill cranes by the RV. A couple of days after this pic was taken they returned and were squawking and jumping up and down. What a great sight.
A beautiful Florida sunset.

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