Friday, December 3, 2010

Family, Food, Football

We had a great traditional Thanksgiving weekend with Judy and Bill. This is the first time on the road that we had a whole weekend of home cookin, which meant we had the usual turkey, stuffing, potatoes, pie and more on Thursday and then enjoyed the leftovers all weekend. We all ate to much, but that is part of what we do during the holidays. On top of that it was a great weekend of football with the traditional games in Dallas and Detroit on Thursday and then the Backyard Brawl on Friday with my school Pitt against Judy's WVU. It was not the usual rivalry for me because I was hoping Pitt would lose so maybe they will fire their incompetent coach. On Saturday we watched Bill's team Ohio State clench a piece of the Big Ten title and then on Sunday we saw the Steelers pull out a close one over Buffalo. All of the while eating turkey sandwiches, stuffing and more pie. I loved it!!!

Other big events were our birthdays with Nanc answering the questions asked by the Beatles that she still needs me and will still feed me when I'm 64. Next, for the first time in my life, I slept with a 60 year old woman after Nanc's birthday on the 28th. She has since been rewarded for living that long with a senior discount at the movies and lunch. Isn't life grand.
Judy and Nanc preparing a great feed.
Bill's sister Helen gets ready to start digging in. You can see why we were able to have leftovers all weekend.
Judy surveying the table before everyone sits down to eat. Bill at the sink in the background. Unfortunately the group picture did not come out.


greg and jean said...

I like football !!! oh yeah and food too !!!

J Homich said...

Be careful about comments of sleeping with a 60 year old!

Many years gao, when my wife turned forty I made the same comment about a 40 year old woman. Her response?

If I keep making comments like that I would never sleep with a 40 year old again!