Friday, December 10, 2010

Chillin in FLA

The plan was to just chill here in Florida for most of the winter. Unfortunately, some of the chillin part has been the weather. Orlando had record cold this week to the point there was frost on the strawberries. I know it is nothing compared to PA but it is still not what we signed up for. That said, we are enjoying the Christmas season and all the socializing and fun that goes with it. We have spent several days with Bill and Judy playing cards and games, going to movies and getting caught up with what has been going on in their lives. I even helped Bill put up the Christmas lights at their house. It's not too bad doing that when it is 60 and sunny.
We went to a dinner at Zellwood Station with Judy and Bill (left) and several of their friends. The food, entertainment and table talk were great.
I thought the Teddy Bear Christmas tree was really neat.
The book 1000 Places to See Before You Die has nearby Mount (184') Dora as a must see for a look at how Central Florida was before it was Disneyfied. It is a great little town with many shops, restaurants and beautiful homes. It has several festivals a year and the lights were spectacular.
It was still warm the day we were there and it was nice to be walking around in shorts looking at Christmas decorations.
The lights on this tree danced to carols. Unfortunately, the video did not come out so it looses something.
We drove to Clermont to attend the Escapees Chapter luncheon. Paul Anderson (standing) is president and in the Class of 07. Other 07 mates, Joe and Marcia Jones, were also there and as with any SKP event we made some new friends. This retirement and travelling thing really is grand and I think it gets a little chilly once in a while just so we keep things in perspective.

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Jim and Bobbie said...

We will be at Betty's for the month starting Feb 9th there for Mardi Gras with three other couples. Oh, we're going to have fun!!!!! I can taste all the seafood poppers we're going to be sharing now.